Saturday, April 10, 2010

My donation to the RMH of Cincinnati

I have been meaning to clean out my stock-pile closet of freebies that I have been collecting since January. And we had no more room left for me to get any more so it was donation time ;)

First of all, RHMC mean a lot to me considering we were there for almost 2 weeks when Emma got her PSARP redone in March of 2008. The people we encountered there were wonderful-some of the parents I met had been there over a year...yes a year in the hospital while their children fought for their lives. I was touched by a lot of their stories, the willingness of the staff to help out in anyway they can, the volunteers who cooked us meals, cleaned our room, drove us to the store.

Well, I just mailed out a ginoumous package on Thursday. Yes, that is a lot of toothpaste which most I made money on-thanks CVS/Wags/Rite Aid. I called our local RMH but they told me nothing that I had to give was needed. Cincinnati on the other hand, said yes, we need all of it. THey have over 50 rooms there, the one in Norfolk where ours is has 4 or 5 rooms.

Yay-time to buy (I mean, get for free and then some) to start the process all over again. MOst of this is tax-deductible and our accountant will be happy to see that we do in fact, donate things.

If you are an IA mom....I know Dulcolax is the evil of all evils (same active ingredient as Miralax). The fiber is bad too -should have added notes to those items saying not to be given to Levitt/Pena patients :)


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