Sunday, January 3, 2010

To do 2010

I always have lofty unattainable New Year goals but I am going to try and stick with these.

1-No more plastic bags. I have some decent sized reusable bags and I am going to either be carrying items in my arms or in the bags. I did really good 2 years ago and then slacked off. Target now gives you 0.05 credit per bag, so does farm fresh. I am sure one day in the not so far off future plastic bags will be banned.

2-Eat from the pantry. FishMama has a challenge going on this month called eating from your pantry/freezer. We have some stuff stockpiled up and I am going to try really really hard to use whatever we have in the freezers/pantry for January. The exception are for things such as produce/OJ/milk/coffee creamer/eggs. We are going to use up everything first before buying more.

3- Couponing like crazy. Ok, the other exception for #2 is a mad crazy deal (like getting dishwasher detergent for $1.25 or No Yolk Noodles for $0.05...I can't pass up on amazing (not just good, amazing good) deals for the pantry. I use a variety of coupon sources and have saved loads last year using them. Sure, it takes daily work searching, printing, sorting, planning but in the end I can afford to splurge on weekly Starbucks, organic milk/produce and high-quality bread. One day I will post the sites...there are about 10 of them I check on daily.

4-Keep work and home separate. Sometimes the office is crazy (and we have another office which I handle insurance for, billing for) and once I am home, the phone still rings. Which I don't mind but sometimes I cut lunch short, or playing with Emma short to handle these things. New rule- I am taking an hour lunch without picking up the phone! We'll see how long this lasts....

5-Potty training my IA child. It's going to be a tough road ahead but hopefully by the time she is 4, she'll be out of diapers. Otherwise, the testing that lies ahead for her in the fall of 2010 will not be fun (and be in Ohio) so keeping all possible body parts crossed.

6- The whole diet/exercise/eat right blah blah blah and maybe try for another baby...but not unless I get into better form. I know when I am serious when the afternoon cup of coffee is not anytime this winter :)

7-Blog more. Done 2 posts within the last week. Happy 2010!


Mindy said...

hahahaha! read my blog. we totally were thinking just alike! great minds...and all! happy 2010!

Mindy said...

oh I forgot to say...everything EXCEPT the another baby thing. noooooooo thank you! :)