Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My first CVS Deal

Scenario...child who has been screaming for 2 hours straight in her room (doesn't want to take a nap) so I decide to drag her butt all the way down to the CVS store close to the beach...its about a half hour drive and always traffic heading down there, even in the winter:
What I got:
That is 4o big rolls of TP (high quality TP I might add), 4 cans of oust, 3 boxes of SoyJoy (6 bars per box), Nivea body wash, 2 Nivea lip balms and 1 40 watt GE light bulb.
Total Retail Cost.....$87.37
Total Savings....$71.94
Plus the tax which was crazy on certain items...geesh
What I paid....$18.32 plus $10 overage in ECB
That folks is an 82% savings if I did my math correctly.
How? I walked into the store with ZERO ECBs
Back up....check out Money Saving Madness blog (listed on the side of my page) to explain how CVS works and what ECB's are.
Anyway, here how the transactions went down:
Light Bulb
-$1.50 off light bulb
BOGO free on Oust
-5.00 of $20 purchase
Total oop (plus tax) $13.14
Total ECB back....$20 (6 for oust, 12 for soyjoy and 2 for light bulb)
Nivea lip balm
Nivea lip balm
Nivea body wash
-20 ECB
-$5 off any purchase of $30
BOGO on lip balm
-2 off body wash
Total oop (plus tax)...$2.15
Total ECB back....$15 (6 for soyjoy, 5 for Nivea stuff, 4 for TP)
BOGO oust
-15 ECB
Total oop (plus tax)....$3.03
Total ECB back....$10 (6 for oust, 4 for TP)
At least at this store, you can do transactions back to back to back and use your ECB you got back on TP to buy yet more TP. I have heard other stories from people about rude cashiers, no more than one transaction per day but at this store, the lady who helped me out was great. No problems taking my Internet, my target logo (but manufacturer's coupon) or my bogo. Great thing about ECBs...even though 2 of the ousts were free, I still got $6 ECB on them.
Yes, this took about an hour of planning and adding up scenarios for the BEST deal and the crazy drive down there BUT what I saved alone was worth it. I search other blogs for the CVS deals, find the coupons they tell me to get plus the ones I have and combine the two together.
If you are thinking that the prices are higher here and that you could spend this amount at Walmart with their cheaper prices....well you would be off on this purchase. Even if the TP was $8 at Walmart (its 20 double rolls) which is really low....you could buy the TP and spend $18 but still have to buy the rest.
Let's put it this way for the skeptics, I paid $18.32 for 40 rolls of TP...about 0.45 a roll which is a great buy and got the rest of the stuff for free, plus $10 of free money to buy more things.
Good? Start CVSing. And I broke my resolution of the plastic bag usage by 1 today :(

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