Friday, January 8, 2010

Get out of my mama's way lady

Harris Teeter was doing super double coupons this week (will double up to $1.98 face value) so I had quite a few $1.50 coupons that doubled to $3 which made for a nice trip.

Total Value of Goods pictured: $116 (granted some of these prices are higher than Walmart)

What I paid: $37.17

These items I got for $0.22 or less after using my coupons

Creamer: Free
Beachnut: $0.22 a box (snacks for school)
Potatoes: Free
Lysol Wipes (2 containers): Free
Dozen eggs(hiding behind one of the boxes): Free
The most expensive thing I got was coffee at $3.99. Must have coffee and must have good decent coffee. Even better b/c it was on sale and I had a coupon.
Best part about this trip-took my child who was once again nap-less and as I was trying to maneuver my cart into the cheese section, Emma, at the top of her pretty little princess voice yelled:
Classy. Real classy.
I thought the little old lady was going to flip her lid and I wasn't in the mood to deal with the drama. Made Emma apologize and the nice little old lady laughed and said our children say the funniest things sometimes and that I really must have wanted the last package of the 2% mozzarella cheese. We left the store shortly after that little outburst, singing the theme song from The Little Einsteins on the way out to the car. But in the end, outburst and all, it was worth the trip.
4 Reusable bags=check
Plastic bag count= 1 for the spot shot but thank goodness b/c it leaked.

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