Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Best and Worst of 2009

First off the worst....

Sears Home Delivery: Please get your act together for 2010. Don't know how you manage to screw up our order and delivered 3 WRONG model dishwashers to our new home is unreal. You delayed us moving into our new home BUT you did get it right finally. But then you wanted to charge us $$$ to pick up the WRONG dishwashers you delivered. After I had a lovely chat with you on the phone where my daughter learned some new big girl words, you had the 2 dishwashers that were the wrong model/color out of our home the day before move in. We will not be using you again.

The head of ENT doc at the children's hospital who must not be named....you called me a silly unreasonable mom minutes before you wanted to slice into my daughter's head. I called you on it, probably the first anybody has ever called you on something, minutes before surgery. I held my ground, you held yours and somehow we both got what we wanted. FYI, moms don't want to be called "silly" when you want to operate on their kid. Payback when my daughter bit you checking on her tubes in August was priceless. Sometimes you do what you gotta do ;)

The unnamed appraisal company who effectively screwed us over by under-appraising our new home by...oh about $30,000. You suck at your job. How our home dropped in value from $451,000 to $412,000 in 6 months will never ever ever sit well with us nor will your explanation of how the real estate market works. Your "appraisal" caused us unnecessary stress before closing this month, made our bank forever hate us and yet you continue to appraise homes. Newsflash-we will never use you again.

And now for the best of 2009.....

My SIL husband Scott Kitchens-our new house ROCKS! Thanks for putting up with us and all of our questions. The finished product is wonderful and we are so happy to be living here. If you need a deck or a fence or would like to buy a piece of land next to us in Virginia, please give him a call. We would love some neighbors.

Chesapeake City Infant Services-you got on the ball, got my daughter speech/OT when she clearly still needed it and got her eligible for preschool this fall. Her progress is remarkable and she is finally talking like a 3 year old.

The head of ENT's nurse....thank you for the smile you gave me after the doc and I had a smack down in the exam room. You knew what I was thinking and it made me feel so much better.

My husband-thank you for watching Emma for ~60 hours while I got to go to Amanda's wedding in Cancun. You did such a great job that I plan on going away again, alone, in the future. You can be a dad without me being around :)

Happy New Year!