Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Coupon Savings

I love coupons. More so in the past few months since I really started "couponing" so to speak and got a fancy schmancy binder with dividers to store my 100 plus coupon collection.

Steals from last week:


2 soy glade candles $3.79 each...on sale for 2/$5
1 glade oil diffuser (with reeds)...$9.99 on sale for $4.99 (acai berry only)
Reeces Cup $0.89
Total cost $10.88

Used (2) $1 off any glade candle
Used (1) $3 off any glade oil diffuser
Wags had a sale on Reeces...$0.50
Used my $4 RR from the diapers I got last week
Total cost out of pocket....$1.50

Not too shabby....oh and I got a $1 RR off my next purchase.

Harris Teeter:

Steamfresh veggies by Birdseye....On sale for 5/$5
Used my 0.50 coupon for 5 bags (which all doubled)
Out of pocket...FREE

Hotpockets...On sale 5/$10
Used my 0.50 off each box (which all doubled)
Out of pocket $5 or $1 each box

Farm Fresh (I went here 2 times last week)

Ragu sauce on sale for 2/$3.00
Used 4 (0.75) off each jar (doubled)
Out of pocket...FREE...there was a limit on 4 jars per customer so I went back

Snack size halloween candy on sale...$2.50 a bag
Used $1.00 off 1 bag (which doubled last Wednesday)
Out of pocket...$0.50 for a bag of Twix...

Perdue bags of Chix (single serve, 5 individual breasts per bag) $8.99
On sale BOGO....used 2 $1.00 off each bag coupons
Out of pocket $6.99 for 2 bags....this is better than Walmart prices

Chad thinks I am a looney but I spend about 2 hours a week getting everything together and I have probably saved close to $750 since April on groceries. I can buy with coupons at the pricey grocery stores and save more than I would using coupons at Walmart. All my grocery stores are about 1 mile apart from each other, and Walgreens and Rite Aid are inbetween 2 of them. So I really don't waste any gas going between the 3 (takes me 5 minutes to get to Harris Teeter which is the farthest away).

So if you overlooked coupons before, now is the time to start :)