Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Emma!

Three years ago today, God was looking out for all 3 of us. Thank him for giving Chad the courage to watch his newly born daughter be whisked away to have emergency surgery without having the chance to hold her. Thank the Lord for giving me the strength to remain calm as I watched on the monitors as my baby's heart stopped and wondering as the mask went over my face if she was going to make it. And most importantly thank the Lord for giving Emma the fighting spirit that she has because without it, she would not have overcame all of the obstacles that was laid out before her. God made her a fighter and boy is she ever! I think this day will always be emotional for me simply because Ems and I might not have been here today if we didn't haul tail to the hospital when we did.

We have had a great year-Emma gained 12lbs and almost a foot in height. Her way of pooping now has greatly reduced the stress in all of our lives and contributed to her growth. And since she started Speech and Occupational Therapy, she is a talking, thriving and happy 3 year old. Its simply amazing to see how much has changed in a year. She started pre-pre school part-time (8-12) during the week so I could go back to the office and Emma loves it! Swim lessons are up (maybe) for the later part of the summer and maybe a mini-vay-cay in August. She loves Dora, Princess stuff and most importantly, the cat. She enjoys playing in the water, riding her bikes and eating ice cream cones-she lives the life!

Happy Birthday Emma Rose!