Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another doc to add to the blog

Seriously? Like we need yet another specialist? I thought 2009 would be the first year Emma would not see an inside of an OR but I was wrong.

We had a standing appointment with the ENT since March when the 4th ear infection of the year failed to clear up. Dr.Curry made the appointment, along with a hearing test b/c she felt that some damage (a.ka. HEARING LOSS) could have resulted from the back to back to back ear infections since Christmas. Well, she was right.

Fast-Forward to this month. She started speech and OT therapy-about a year behind with all of the chit-chat. Ems drops consonants and endings on almost all of her words. It's like she doesn't hear the "end" of them (or chooses to ignore them-typical Emma fashion). Oh and no sentences yet among another things. She has a senorsy processing disorder which I am simply too exhausted to talk about right now.

But today explains a lot- mild hearing loss in at least one of the ears, if not both. The audiologist wanted to know the whole "what does she say/doesn't say/doesn't say correctly" and when you put 2 and 2 together, it makes sense now of why she says the word "HOUSE" like "HOW"....drops off the ending. Duh, she can't hear the ending. So we think. Because while Melissa was trying to admin the test, Emma was screaming so hard she puked. So lovely. Goldfish and Juice. So we got about a 80-90% accurate test. It was a rotten morning.

After this lovely ride, we got to meet with Dr.Derkay, the head of ENT at our children's hospital. He took a quick peek in her ears (as she was screaming and dry-heaving) and remarked on how strong she was....I just couldn't bear to go into the story of WHY she was that strong.
Good ear infection, just lovely seasonal allergies. Bad news.....we won a ticket to the OR come this July. He wants to examine her ears under anesthesia to really get a good look without having to torture her while she is awake. And he feels that tubes will help, tubes will go in. I don't want her in hearing aids if we can drain the fluid so she can HEAR. Good gracious does it have to be this hard??!!! We will also have a ABA test done (auditory brainstem response) to really get a accurate account of just how much (if any) of a hearing loss she may or may not have. This is the best test you can do and frankly, I can't believe we were able to get any results after how hard she cried today.

As she was crying and coughing.....he went into her whole EA/TE repair and history. He is actually more worried about the snoring and cough than the ears lol! Dr. Derkay is going to do a scope of her trachea to see if any stricturing has occurred, check to see if the trachea is growing with her and check the healing from the initial surgery. It's never been done before b/c I just accepted that she will always snore and have a scary barky cough while she sleeps. He said it's not normal at this point. Of course not right? Before he takes a looksee, I am going to have Dr.Kuhn in the OR with him since she did the first repair at birth. I always drill the docs and the anesthesiologist before anybody sticks a ET tube down her throat b/c of all that has been done. He'll scope first before placing the lovely blue tube down the hatch and Dr.Kuhn will be standing by protecting her work.

Lovely eh? Explains a lot with speech which her therapists will be delighted to hear. Looks like we meet our $5900 deductible this year after all :) I am pretty pissed, or more like annoyed or just simply exhausted of having yet another thing out of place with Emma. God is up there thinking....lets give her yet another issue to deal with and see how she swims with the fishes. Its frustrating that's all. I look around at her healthy "never has seen the inside of an OR" friends and I am still bitter about it. I thought I was over it but I am apparently not. It's hard to explain to them how I feel b/c frankly, they haven't had to say goodbye to their baby while someone else takes them away to be cut open. And on the other hand, we have friends that have gone through similar things, sometimes even more than us, and then I feel guilty bitching about a simple minor surgery. Emma has been through much much worse.

All I want to do is have a tall glass of something alcoholic and go to bed. More likely I am going to mop my kitchen floors, do an enema and go out to buy an overpriced cupcake to make me feel better.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

8 things...For Amber S.

Yeah, I am a MIA blogger.....things have been so crazy with the move, with Emma in preschool, with me going back to work (she is in school 8-12, I work 8-12), a doctor and his family staying with us (might open up a office for him here at the beach) and well....blogging has taken a back seat. I still keep up on everyone else's blog which leads me to post the "8 things" since Amber believes I have fallen off the face of the earth :) Which in the blogland, I have :) So for Amber, here is my 8 things-love ya!

* Mention the person that tagged you* Complete the list of 8 things* Tag 8 of your wonderful bloggy friends* Go tell them you tagged them :)

8 Things I look forward to:

The start of summer....lots of 90 degree days and trips to the beach
Emma going to preschool 5x a week so I can work at the office
My cup of coffee in the morning
My sister's wedding in MEXICO this fall (we love the swine flu, bring it on!)
Emma's 3rd birthday in June
Getting sod in our front and back yard
Grilling out on the deck and eating outside....before it gets too hot lol
Unpacking the last of the boxes in our FROG

8 things I did yesterday:

Drank coffee
Took Emma to school and had her pryed off my leg with a crowbar (aka as Ms.Jeffries)
Ordered wobble chairs and CT units for the office
Had a cupcake
Drank another cup of coffee
Cooked dinner for Jason, Cassie, their kids plus mine
Played bubbles outside
Drank another cup of coffee (decaf, 9pm)

8 things I wish I could do:

Get rid of the debt (doesn't everybody)
Grow my hair out faster so I can can just get it cut again
Watch the last 6 episodes of Grey's so I can finally talk about it-isn't it almost over for the season?
Keep my kitchen floors/fridge clean...a constant daily battle
Workout more...period
Get a tan that didn't come from a bottle
Unpack the last of the boxes in the FROG
Cook scrambled eggs that didn't stick to the pan....again

8 shows I watch:

Greys Anatomy
Good Eats
What Not to Wear
Jon and Kate plus 8 (just started, again....sigh)
My friends Tigger and Pooh
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
(Ok the last two I watch b/c well Emma watches them lol)

I tag Amber S, Becca, Toni, Mindy and since my laptop is going to lose its juice, that is it for now!