Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Butt Day!

Hello from my hospital bed 3 days after surgery-still on the good drugs!

I forgot to update this blog on Saturday, but it's been a whole YEAR since Emma got a new heiney courtesy of Dr. Levitt. What a difference it has made in our lives. It simply floors me to think how far we have come with her, how amazing she is doing now and how wonderful Dr.Breech and Dr.Levitt has been with us. I am relieved to know that they will continue to follow her until who knows when...maybe they will stop when she has children of her own? If we get her potty trained for pee by the fall, then we will be going back to Ohio for a laxative trial in October. If she isn't potty trained, it will have to wait until March of 2010 b/c spending a week in Ohio from Nov-March is well, cold. I hate cold :) I will wait until the weather is nicer so we can do some traveling during that week.
Hanging out in the ER on our last day in Cincy

Yes, our cruise was fun and no the house isn't done b/c we keep failing the inspection because our dishwasher STILL hasn't arrived.....but that is another story :)

I promise more pics, but I have a facebook page which has a Laura Young Jenkins and you will find my page. Well, gotta do Emma's poop thing now so we can get on with
Taken about 2 months ago-she is TALL!