Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Yeah, I haven't posted in forever. Seems like when there is no drama, I have nothing to write about :) We are going on a cruise to Mexico/Belize next month which will totally rock b/c I'll be somewhere warm in the middle of February :) We had to get a letter from Dr.Levitt saying all is ok for Emma to travel (since we have to bring all of her supplies on board with us and well that raises a lot of questions). All should be fine :)

And our house is almost done!!!! About 5-6 more weeks and it will be move in ready. Paint is on the walls, tile has been laid and the cabinets get installed next week. Whoo-whoo! I have had all I can take from the lack of available storage in this house...the new house has closets galore!

THis is a short post because Emma is yelling the name Ella in my ear because she is ready to go down the street and play with her. I will miss having my friends less than a condo away but good thing we all have cars to go see each other! Ta-ta!


Amber Schmidt said...

YAY new house! YAY cruise to Mexico!!! Take me!!! Take me!!!


Anonymous said...

I miss you guys! Glad to hear Miss Emma is doing well. I want to go on a cruise!! Can't wait to see your house be sure to post a pic.


Amber Schmidt said...

Umm do we have mexico pics or what??? How are you going to leave us hanging like that??

I will eventually make it back to chat! Promise!

I added Ems to the prayer blog- check it out and tell your friends and family so they can pray for all our kiddos: