Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanks Mindy!

I love the new background, courtsey of, which I found off of Mindy's blog :)

Time to start waking Emma up-we are going to see Madagascar II....should be fun!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Emma's new glasses

Wow, back to back posts! Well here are some pics for ya'll!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Its not cancer-YAY!

If you are not into reading TMI.....I would stop now!

Anyway, my breast biopsy came back negative for cancer. Yes, cancer. I had some weird things going on with my left boob/nip area and my gyn wasn't too concerned. I however, was, because this is the same boob that had a lovely tumor removed from it in 2002, in the same area where the tumor once had a lovely home. My gyn said fine, lets get you in with the surgeon.

Last week, I saw Dr.Stewart. She talked to me first before examining me and I read in her face..."she is a silly girl here over some rash that probably isn't anything". Fine lady, wait till you see it. And when she did, her demeanor changed which in my world, is bad news. And the ever so famous words which I heard from a breast surgeon back in OKC...."I can't be certain that it is not cancer without some additional tests" (i.e. involving stitches, needles and lots of anesthetic). And when she said she was going to do the punch biopsy that day, I knew she was serious. They look a lovely chunk of skin out of my breast/nipple and placed some wonderful prolene blue sutures that hurt/itched all week and sent me on my way. Ow. Ow.Ow. The stiches were the worst-the actual procedure was a piece of cake.

But I have to add a tidbit here....Emma had to come with me today and Dr.Stewart's office was great-they kept Emma for me (and she let them) and she was happily playing in the nurses lounge with stickers, highlighters and pens and having a blast. All the staff was just loving her and I got to have 15 minutes of peace with the doctor. And they sent her home with stickers and a lolipop-that is a nice office-I will have to write a thank you card.

The pathologist just faxed over the report this morning, indicating that my boob is cancer free. Now I can apply some cream to the boob and see if this takes care of the "stuff" that is going on. If it goes away, yay, I am done seeing Dr.Stewart. But if it doesn't clear up, there is a slight, slight chance that she didn't get enough tissue of the breast (hey you can only do so much with a local) that the next step will be a quick trip to the OR to take a deeper tissue sample out. Eeeeeeee....I hope it doesn't come to that. If you are curious, they were testing for Paget's cancer of the breast, which is rare, and even rarer in those under 50.

I didn't worry about the results, because I know worrying doesn't change the outcome. Its harsh, but when we knew in utero that something was not quite right with Ems, I stayed positive for the remainder of my pregnancy. It didn't change the outcome but worrying would have done nothing except generate fear. Boo for fear!

Now that I am out of the woods, I shall celebrate by eating cookies!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Fair!

First of all, I am finally ready to upload some pics of Emma and can't find the other digital camera that has the most recent pics. These were taken yesterday at the new house (and I so love her Ohio state shirt). So maybe I will try and find the other camera and get some halloween ones up :)
Ok, not fair....Emma will be getting glasses this week. Really? Come on!!! Can't she catch a break? Seriously, she has surgery at less than day old, more surgeries after that, metal things stuck up her rear, plastic tubing stuck up her rear, nasty chalky stuff she has to swallow 2-3x a year (with another UGI next month) and now you want my baby to wear glasses????? I had a breakdown Friday night after I got home from the ophthalmologist's office b/c it was just too much to handle. And yes folks, its just glasses. It could be worse. But its glasses and you are 2. You are stuck wearing them the rest of your life. And your amblyopia is so bad that you might have to have surgery (FREAKING A) to correct it at a later date. Oh and your prescription doesn't qualify you for our kids package b/c its so bad. I wanted to scream at everyone in the place-ugh! And what is ironic (or whatever you may call it) is that I love, love my glasses. I have multiple pairs b/c I love them so much. However, kids glasses are not cool like mine and I don't bend/twist/step/drop on my $200 a pair Nine West frames. I got Emma 3 pairs of glasses (1 from the ophtho office and another 2 pairs at America's Best) because hey you are 2 and glasses are fun to break. Did I mention that Emma hates sunglasses/hats/scarfs or anything remotely on her face/head? I can't even get this child to wear a bow in her hair and now I have to force her to wear glasses?
Yes, it could be worse.......pity party for me day. In better news, our house is framed and will have a roof on it in about 2 more weeks. We went out yesterday and its huge, I mean like double if not triple the size of our place now. And the back yard is about the size of the park I take Emma to now LOL. It will be so nice to have some wiggle room and STORAGE space, which we lack now.
Ems is up-gotta run!

Monday, November 3, 2008

lack of pics, lack of time

Stupid bloggger......had an entry and it gave me an error message! Whatever-I will post some pics on Wednesday :)

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