Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chuck-E-Cheese and binkys

I have a feeling I will get to know this C-E-C place very very well over the next decade LOL! I am surprised I got her to sit long enough for the "drawing ride" but I can't explain the look I have on my face! She was chomping on a noise thingy to compensate for the "no binky during the day rule" I am trying to enforce (Emma is silently laughing about this topic in her sleep). Maybe she is cutting teeth but I swear this child has to have something in her mouth at all times, whether it be some noise maker, dolly doll's foot, a corner of her lovey or a mangled up straw she found from an empty juice box. If I could, I'd pop a piece of gum in her mouth to satisfy this fixation but since it poses a choking hazzard, I will have a wait a few years and resort to her chewing on whatever she finds appealing at that moment.
I am over the binky. Done with the binky! Ready to pitch them all to the binky fairy done. Except I am a wuss and can't break her off the habit cold turkey. She still wants it when I am doing her enemas or when she is in a tiny room with lots of people in white coats. She runs around the house calling for her "bee-bee" and will say in a frantic voice...."bee-bee"? bee-bee"? over and over and over again until she finds the stupid thing that I didn't hide in a very good spot. Her teeth are starting to shift and that scares me so "the bink" has got to go for most of the day. I will have to wait until Chad is gone for a very long seminar somewhere before I break her of the night binky habit. Lord help our neighbours when we decide to do this!


Bridgette and Thomas said...

You are braver than I am. At 3 yrs and 4 months, Thomas is still in love with his "Yucky". So named as they are quie yucky! LOL
I swore that my child would never have a dummy and yet they gave him one in NICU at 2 days old after the colostomy to soothe him and distract from pain.
It was apparently love at first suck! Thomas has about 12 of the damn things, just so they are readily accessible. I would give anything to break this filthy habit, but given that Thomas has his beloved Donkey and a Yucky as a pidgeon pair, I have no idea where to begin this torturous event.
Let me know any tricks, something would have to be better than cold turkey, but I don't think he will be ready to give or leave them for Santa.

Amber Schmidt said...

OMG do you know what Joe had the nerve to come out with the other night... he told Ky that she should give all of her passies to the little baby reindeers at Christmas time!! I about peed myself. First of all I could have choked him for even bringing it up and then I realized that it struck complete panic in me! I was rather appeased when the GI said that the binky is actually a good thing for Ky with her g-tube to keep her from getting averted... so take that Joe... LOL