Friday, October 24, 2008

Do we really need a fireplace in Chesapeake, VA?

Seriously people, it doesn't even get "gotta wear a hat cold" here. Then again, once you live in Iowa and suffered through some winters like we have, you'll have a whole new level of cold to compare everything to.
Yes, our new house is FINALLY being built-the foundation is down, the blocking has begun and framing should be finished within the month. More cool (or boring) pics to follow. Since I decided to blog just as Emma was waking up from her nap, this is all I can give right now!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chuck-E-Cheese and binkys

I have a feeling I will get to know this C-E-C place very very well over the next decade LOL! I am surprised I got her to sit long enough for the "drawing ride" but I can't explain the look I have on my face! She was chomping on a noise thingy to compensate for the "no binky during the day rule" I am trying to enforce (Emma is silently laughing about this topic in her sleep). Maybe she is cutting teeth but I swear this child has to have something in her mouth at all times, whether it be some noise maker, dolly doll's foot, a corner of her lovey or a mangled up straw she found from an empty juice box. If I could, I'd pop a piece of gum in her mouth to satisfy this fixation but since it poses a choking hazzard, I will have a wait a few years and resort to her chewing on whatever she finds appealing at that moment.
I am over the binky. Done with the binky! Ready to pitch them all to the binky fairy done. Except I am a wuss and can't break her off the habit cold turkey. She still wants it when I am doing her enemas or when she is in a tiny room with lots of people in white coats. She runs around the house calling for her "bee-bee" and will say in a frantic voice...."bee-bee"? bee-bee"? over and over and over again until she finds the stupid thing that I didn't hide in a very good spot. Her teeth are starting to shift and that scares me so "the bink" has got to go for most of the day. I will have to wait until Chad is gone for a very long seminar somewhere before I break her of the night binky habit. Lord help our neighbours when we decide to do this!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Butt update

Real quick here b/c Emma is taking everything out of my suitcase that is still on the living room floor.....

Butt looks FANTASTIC!!! No more surgeries on her million dollar butt hole. Dr.Levitt is having us continue with enemas until she is potty trained for pee. Once she has that down....well we will be back in Ohio for a week of bowel managment doing a laxative trial to see if we can do this route instead of the enemas. This probably won't happen until early next summer or early fall 2009-whenever she decides that peeing in the diaper is no longer cool, then we'll start making plans.

The va-jay-jay looks great too-everything has healed up nicely. Dr.Breech will keep an eye on her for like, forever, so I am sure Emma will get to know Cincinnati very well growing up.

Okay, must clean up cat puke, shower and get the day started!