Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Nipple Club

Or the booby club or what it is officially known as the Breastfeeding support group at Chesapeake General Hospital. Without the booby club, I would have given up breastfeeding the first week we had her home from the NICU.

I remember the first day I went, a Friday, and it was right after Emma had some pictures taken with her cousins at JC Pennys. I remember how freakin' exhausted, frustrated and scared I was to be with Emma all day......and back in those days she cried and cried and barfed and barfed all was a mini-hell for awhile back then. Anyhow, I remember walking in this big room with all these mamas bf and having fun with their babies. And there was chocolate cake. I remember the cake clearly b/c that was the first meal I had all day. I ate cake and had some tea and met a lot of people who I long forgot some of their names now. The leader of the group then was a older lady name Jacqueline, who my doula told me about. Technically speaking, I shouldn't have even been there since I live in Virginia Beach and I wasn't a part of the WIC program but she said to come anyway. I had dragged in my stroller, her carseat, my huge diaper bag, her bag with pumped breastmilk oh and yes, I dragged my favorite pal at the time, my yellow Medula Symphony Breastpump b/c I didn't know how long I was going to be there for. I got there right at the end and Jackie was able to watch Emma bf, give me some pointers, show me how to get her positioned and lots of other things to try. I told her if she didn't catch on soon, I was going to pump for 6 months and be done with it-it was draining the life out of me trying to get her to latch on and stay on and oh yeah, not barf doing it. She was still healing from the TEF surgery and probably wasn't feeling too well and with me not feeling too well (still anemic from all my blood loss from the C-section) we made a lovely pair. Jackie continued to help me like the entire month of August before Emma had her PSARP surgery to try and get through things day to day.

Anyhow, today was a booby club day thing. My friend Verda runs the show now (I think) and it isn't quite the same (or as large) as it was 2 years ago. However, there are a few of us that still do things together since our kids are so close in age (and we all started at the same time 2 years ago). I was watching all four of our kids play today and I couldn't believe how fast the time has gone by. They were just bitty babies not too long ago and now they were running around chasing each other at the library. I am not always the best at showing up to these things b/c of dr appts or other typical Emma things but I hadn't gone out with everyone in a long long time and I am so happy that I got my rear in gear and got to go today. My goal is to try and come to these things more often now that we don't spend our lives at the children's hospital. Emma gets to play with her friends and she had a blast doing it today.

Long story short, if it wasn't for the booby club, I wouldn't have bf'ed her for 1.5 years(and had a whole bunch of support behind me), wouldn't have known what craigslist was (thanks Denise) or met some great mamas! Yay for the nipple club!


Amber Schmidt said...

I think you could have a sitcom!! "The Nipple Club- true confessions of breastfeeding moms" LOL Glad to hear that you had a good excursion!

Kristin said...

The Nipple Club, hahaha....

Tracy said...

Wow. I'll admit you had my mind going crazy :>) So true though it is nice to have a great network of friends and its so true as to where did the time go? Its crazy that our little girls are growing up so fast.

Loved the title. That could be a movie!LOL!

Rebecca Batey Fradin said...

Nipple Club! I love it!!!! Hahaha. Isn't it funny how you can look back and really pinpoint the things that got you through? I still wonder how I ever got breastfeeding going with my son. They should seriously give out awards for these things!