Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My so not exciting life

Here it is, another Wednesday, and we are bored to pieces. It is that misty/humid/rainy day that makes it impossible to go outside and play, for the fear of getting poured on at any second or struck by lightening (my biggest fear). The only exciting things we did today was 1) Go to Dillards to get some more moisturizer (since I am scraping the last bit out of my jar) and it happened to be bonus days at Clinique (I use the super defense moisturizer which is AWESOME) and I got some freebies of lipstick and mascara, which is always nice.
2) I FINALLY sold something this week on CL-I have about 10 items for sale and I have sold, the only thing I have sold, was her old leapfrog playtable, in which Emma proceeded to grab the table out of this poor girl's hand as she was heading out the door. Emma hasn't played with it in months.....the cat however, has been sleeping underneath of it so I am sure HE will miss it more than the kid.

Yesterday was the real exciting day when I decided that I was going to lob off about 8 inches of hair and get a real "style". My hair looks amazing and I finally ditched that "mom" look that has been driving me nutso lately. I would take a picture, but I have no idea where my camera is. The kid has it somewhere I am sure. Plus, I look like crap today b/c Emma was up all night with some post-nasally-coughing-congestion thing so I got zippo in the sleep department. Once I have the camera, I will post some pics of the new do. Its short, as in above the chin short. Chad, not surprisingly, hates it but alas, he'll deal with it somehow.

Oh well, maybe something exciting will happen tomorrow. You never know with a 2 year old!

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Kristin said...

Yaaa for a new do!! Those always make you feel sooo much better. Can't wait to see pics.

So sorry to hear Emma is sick. :( We have the the house of sickness this whole week. Yucko!!

Heres to lots of excitement tomorrow. :)