Monday, September 29, 2008

Jumping Monkey

Last week in the middle of the Nor'easter that was slamming Hampton Roads, the booby club (yes Dad, I did not refer to them as the N.C. girls) chicks and their kiddos went to the Jumping Monkey-a bounce house thing for toddlers. So I can set the record straight for my confused family, these are my FRIENDS that I met 2 years ago but when all of us are together, its easier to refer to us as the booby club girls so you know who we are talking about. As opposed to the Tarleton Oaks Condo Moms that I hang out with that live up and down the street from me :) Everyone had a good time and I got some good pics which I still have not emailed to the other moms..but enjoy some of the cuties I took pics of!

The youngest one in our group....3 months old. He is just too cute!

Can you say HAPPY BABY!!!!!

Emma and Timmy rocking out!

Shelia, Jayden and Sara riding in the car.

Emma and Jayden going down the slide. I have the cutest pic of these two when they were about 9 months old, before they were even walking yet....time does fly by....

Emma "bouncing" in the house LOL
After this little outing, Emma napped for 2 hours. Gotta love tiring the kids out!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Part of Growing Up....

The lollipop made things a little bit better...... she isn't exactly smiling in this pic....
We went to Pigtails and Crewcuts for her first 'do....overpriced but since she'll only have one "first haircut", why not right? They have cool seats for the kids to sit in (firetruck, race car) while they cut your hair BUT they also have "adult seats" for those kids like Emma who did not want to sit in the special seats. Emma sat on Chad's lap and cried while they snipped a few inches off of her head. She really wailed when they started cutting her bangs. But a little while later, a lollipop and a new brown hair bow (since most of our fall clothes has some sort of brown in it), she was happy as a clam. She also found the store's treasure box and came home with 3 star rings (a.k.a our little multi-colored choking hazards).
And since we got the "first haircut package", they sent us home with a lock of her hair and a pic of her afterwards. See if I had extra time on my hands (before Emma was born), I could have scrapbooked the whole thing. Now all I have to do it plop this page into an empty sleeve in my current scrapbook and I just saved myself an afternoon! I think the last thing that went into my scrapbook were her ultrasound pics circa March 2006 LOL. One day I will scrapbook again but in the meantime, all my "stuff" can continue to collect dust in the corner of my bedroom.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Nipple Club

Or the booby club or what it is officially known as the Breastfeeding support group at Chesapeake General Hospital. Without the booby club, I would have given up breastfeeding the first week we had her home from the NICU.

I remember the first day I went, a Friday, and it was right after Emma had some pictures taken with her cousins at JC Pennys. I remember how freakin' exhausted, frustrated and scared I was to be with Emma all day......and back in those days she cried and cried and barfed and barfed all was a mini-hell for awhile back then. Anyhow, I remember walking in this big room with all these mamas bf and having fun with their babies. And there was chocolate cake. I remember the cake clearly b/c that was the first meal I had all day. I ate cake and had some tea and met a lot of people who I long forgot some of their names now. The leader of the group then was a older lady name Jacqueline, who my doula told me about. Technically speaking, I shouldn't have even been there since I live in Virginia Beach and I wasn't a part of the WIC program but she said to come anyway. I had dragged in my stroller, her carseat, my huge diaper bag, her bag with pumped breastmilk oh and yes, I dragged my favorite pal at the time, my yellow Medula Symphony Breastpump b/c I didn't know how long I was going to be there for. I got there right at the end and Jackie was able to watch Emma bf, give me some pointers, show me how to get her positioned and lots of other things to try. I told her if she didn't catch on soon, I was going to pump for 6 months and be done with it-it was draining the life out of me trying to get her to latch on and stay on and oh yeah, not barf doing it. She was still healing from the TEF surgery and probably wasn't feeling too well and with me not feeling too well (still anemic from all my blood loss from the C-section) we made a lovely pair. Jackie continued to help me like the entire month of August before Emma had her PSARP surgery to try and get through things day to day.

Anyhow, today was a booby club day thing. My friend Verda runs the show now (I think) and it isn't quite the same (or as large) as it was 2 years ago. However, there are a few of us that still do things together since our kids are so close in age (and we all started at the same time 2 years ago). I was watching all four of our kids play today and I couldn't believe how fast the time has gone by. They were just bitty babies not too long ago and now they were running around chasing each other at the library. I am not always the best at showing up to these things b/c of dr appts or other typical Emma things but I hadn't gone out with everyone in a long long time and I am so happy that I got my rear in gear and got to go today. My goal is to try and come to these things more often now that we don't spend our lives at the children's hospital. Emma gets to play with her friends and she had a blast doing it today.

Long story short, if it wasn't for the booby club, I wouldn't have bf'ed her for 1.5 years(and had a whole bunch of support behind me), wouldn't have known what craigslist was (thanks Denise) or met some great mamas! Yay for the nipple club!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Before and after

Before: blah blah boring hair (this shirt makes me look preggers, which i am NOT)

After: No more ponytail for me!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My so not exciting life

Here it is, another Wednesday, and we are bored to pieces. It is that misty/humid/rainy day that makes it impossible to go outside and play, for the fear of getting poured on at any second or struck by lightening (my biggest fear). The only exciting things we did today was 1) Go to Dillards to get some more moisturizer (since I am scraping the last bit out of my jar) and it happened to be bonus days at Clinique (I use the super defense moisturizer which is AWESOME) and I got some freebies of lipstick and mascara, which is always nice.
2) I FINALLY sold something this week on CL-I have about 10 items for sale and I have sold, the only thing I have sold, was her old leapfrog playtable, in which Emma proceeded to grab the table out of this poor girl's hand as she was heading out the door. Emma hasn't played with it in months.....the cat however, has been sleeping underneath of it so I am sure HE will miss it more than the kid.

Yesterday was the real exciting day when I decided that I was going to lob off about 8 inches of hair and get a real "style". My hair looks amazing and I finally ditched that "mom" look that has been driving me nutso lately. I would take a picture, but I have no idea where my camera is. The kid has it somewhere I am sure. Plus, I look like crap today b/c Emma was up all night with some post-nasally-coughing-congestion thing so I got zippo in the sleep department. Once I have the camera, I will post some pics of the new do. Its short, as in above the chin short. Chad, not surprisingly, hates it but alas, he'll deal with it somehow.

Oh well, maybe something exciting will happen tomorrow. You never know with a 2 year old!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Prayers for Lilie Clark's Family

It breaks my heart to know that Miss Lilie Clark passed away a few hours ago. I have been following her life (blog) for almost a year now and she finally earned her angel wings tonight. Through the help of Amber and many others, we were able to send Lilie and her family to Florida this past spring for a wonderful vacation, knowing it would be their last one with Lilie.

She was truly a fighter and will be missed dearly by her family. If you are reading this, please pray for healing for this family-their toughest days are yet to come. They are donating some of Lilie's organs for research on GM1 Gangliosidosis.

It is a rare, incurable lysosomal storage disease (enzyme deficiency) that has no cure and most children do not live to see their second birthday. Lilie surprised most of her doctors and lived a wonderful life with a family who loved her ever so dearly.

I hope you are finally able to run free around Heaven Miss Lilie-you are finally healed!