Friday, August 22, 2008

Myrtle Beach

We are hopefully out of here without any drama tomorrow morning. Chad has to go adjust for an hour, and then pack up the car and we are off! We are going to drive 1/2 way tomorrow to Durham, NC to visit an old college friend, spend the night there and drive the rest of the way to the beach on Sunday. We are just about all packed up so all is left is the little odds and ends.

Surprisingly (big shocker here), we have a hard time finding someone to check in on what Avery, my niece, calls "cujo cat" because lets face it, when I am not here and other people try to make sure he is alive, has water and food, the cat goes people tell me. My mil will check on the crazy cat only if my fil comes with her. Pungo spits and hisses all the way from the front door to the kitchen, where the food and drink are at. He about ate our friend Heidi alive a few years ago when we lived in Ohio (and he wasn't a year old yet) when we had to drive back to Iowa for Chad's graduation....after that, she didn't volunteer to watch the cat if we happened to go away. Why have a dog when you can have a cat like mine?

I am sure cujo cat will be fine, since we have left him alone this long before....actually, we have left him longer when we left to take Emma to Cincinnati this past spring and boy was the cat pissed when Chad walked in the front door without me :) Chad was trying to get over the nasty stomach flu and the cat was biting him all night. I am more worried about the neighbor's cat who we feed 2x daily (don't ask) so hopefully he won't camp out in our backyard waiting for food.

I am tired and now that the last load of laundry is finished, I am going to bed. I will try and post some pics while we are down there, but don't hold your breath b/c I can't seem to post pics while I am staring at the digital camera across the living room. Now add the vacation into we'll see :)


Anonymous said...

Have a great vacation.

If the cat doesn't make it, you can always pick up a new one on the way home. They are like dixie cups.

Too harsh??? I blame the allergies.

Kristin said...

Oh ya!! Have fun on Vacay!!!

Wish I was going with you guys. ;)

Oh, and I agree with Benjamin on the cat part, LOL.

Bridgette and Thomas said...

Attack cat eh?
Great resource to have around, esp with the stealth that a Cujo cat can bring.
Enjoy your holiday, I hope Emma has a great time and you have a nice break.

Amber Schmidt said...

Cujo Cat... LOVE IT!!! I have to laugh... but I guess I am not the one trying to feed him! LOL

I left ya something on the blog today!!

Kristin said...

Well, I just saw that Amber nominated you also, but I nominated you again. You must rock!!! :P