Monday, August 4, 2008

GI update

Waiting....we just love to wait at the GI's office. Arrive at 9 (early for once), appt at 9:15, wait about 1/2 hour to get vitals and into a room, wait another 1/2 hour for Dr.Kobak to come in, have a 1/2 hour appt re-hashing the previous 3 months of pooping/eating/developmental stuff and finally at 10:45, we were out of there, almost 2 hours later. I except this so I came prepared with snacks, toys and lots of milk in her sippy to hold her over.

Emma loves Dr.Kobak and was making lots of conservation with him today, which is rare for her to do with all the doctors that she sees. I think out of all of them, he is the most laid back one and always reassures me that I am doing a fantastic job raising her and addresses every single one of my questions.

I thought he would would totally flip out over the daily enema thing but once I told him the story on how we ended up there, he was perfectly fine with it. The less we stress about poop, the better off everyone around here is. He also told me to not worry/stress out about the whole potty training thing either-though he agreeded that we could save some trees if we got her to sit on the potty after the enema LOL-we go through about 200 diapers a month just for collecting the enema solution. His advice is if she is scared to sit, don't push it and when she is willing to sit on the potty for a longer time, then start trying it more and more often.

I thought this time we would be scheduling the esophageal dilation He wants to see her in November, see how things are going and get an upper GI in early December. He said as horrible as this test is for us, its a heck of a lot less invasive than taking her back to the OR and doing a dilation that may not really need to be done. If the UGI shows the same size stricture, then we'll wait another 6 months and repeat the test unless something changes. If the stricture is larger, well we'll be booked for an OR in the second week of December. He doesn't want to put her to sleep unless she has to. I like his approach and he never wants to rush her to the OR unless something absolutely needs to be done-hence repeat the test to see if things really have changed. If not and she is doing fine, then we spare her from being put to sleep for the almost 15th or something time-its hard to keep count.

Next year, this is the year we drop down from every 3 months to every 4 month visits with GI and the year after, 2x a year and then 1x a year. Kind of like our dilation schedule LOL. I have a feeling most of her specialists will be seeing her at least 1x a year until she is 18. I have traveled a lifetime's worth of visits to our childrens hospital so any decrease in appts is a good thing.

I am beat-massive migraine so I am off to bed-yay for a good day. Oh, she is 34 inches and 25.8 lbs...2 lbs and 2 inches since her visit in May.


Bridgette and Thomas said...

You're doing a fantastic job Laura. The proof is in the pudding, or should I say pooh!
Cheers, B

Amber Schmidt said...

YAY!!!!!!! I see the end of doctor craziness in your life very soon!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see you guys in October!