Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fantasy Football

I made a passing comment at lunch last week that I wanted to play FF with Chad (one of his patients formed a league last year) and he said no go- it was all filled up so maybe next year.

But then, today, a new league has been formed and now I am playing....LOL

I need a cool "girl power" name so when I win, it won't be forgotten :) I found "Victorious Secret" to be the best so far....

Obviously Chad and I have nothing else better to do (pack/put house up for rent/build new house/clean house/sell stuff) after our va-cay next week except worry about the draft.

Love the fact we have our priorities straight!


Pipsylou said...

Oh my gosh - I LOVE victorious secret! That ROCKS. Did I tell you I thought yesterday was Tuesday so I missed the chat? Do you usually do it?

Amber Schmidt said...

ROFL... do you know I have NO idea what Fantasy Football is?!!! LOL But I am excited for you nonetheless!