Wednesday, July 23, 2008


If you have never lived in or visited Baltimore, then you probably never truly had a snowball. These are NOT SNOWCONES or fake imitations from Rita's Italian Ice. There is nothing like a snowball on a hot day. We went to Opies, which is about a 2 minute drive from my parents house.

Snowballs hold a special place in my heart for 3 reasons: 1-I grew up eating them with my grandparents in the summer, eating grape snowballs with marshmallow with vanilla ice cream. I so loved those days when I was little.
2-I got my first work permit ever when I was 16 to a snowball stand! I loved this job!!! Free snowballs anytime and I got paid a whooping $4.25 an hour to slave away in a little shack on the corner sweating out strawberry snowballs.

3-If I hadn't been working that night 15 years ago (probably right around this date and time) a lady asked if she could post a flyer about new Labrador puppies for sale....that night after my shift we got our dog Daisy, who sadly passed away to doggie heaven a few months ago (tears in eyes writing this). So snowballs to me aren't simply shaved ice doused in neon color syrups; they are a part of my being, especially in the summer.

My favorite is chocolate or egg custard flavors......until you have one, those flavors sound a bit bizarre. Emma had her first one of many last weekend. When I was little, I usually got 1 of 2 flavors-grape or skylite, the aqua blue color. I got Emma skylight and true to her Baltimore blood that runs through her from her me-mom and pop-pop, she LOVED it! Oh, and Lacy, the new dog loved them too. There isn't anything like it on earth. So if you happen to be in B-more, you must must must get a snowball in the summer-it'll be the best $1.50 you'll ever spend.


Bridgette and Thomas said...

Egg custard flavoured ice shavings? Hmm, and you lot think Aussies are weird!?! LOL!
Can't wait to hear what exotic colour pooh she will have.

Kristin said...

LOL!! Bridgette, you crack me up!!

I can't say I have ever heard of egg custard ice shavings either. ;) But so glad to hear that little Miss Emma liked it!!

Those "first jobs" will always be memborable. Mine was Chick-fil-a. :P God, I LOVE that place!!

Tracy said...

Those sound mighty good. Just as good as the Blue Moon Ice Cream we have around in the city. My first job was at McDonalds. Can't say I love the place though because I worked at it :>)

Too bad you can't mail those! So glad to see that Emma really liked it.

Amber Schmidt said...

awwww... how great is it to have such fond memories?!! LOVE the snowballs!