Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pee Pee in the potty!

I got a new potty today.....the baby bjorn hot pink potty.....a little more "simple" than the one I already have. She tryed it sans diaper when I was in the bathroom and didn't do anything. Then in the living room she went back into the bathroom and dragged the potty to the living room. I then told her if she wanted to sit on the potty watching her movie, she had to take off her diaper and pee.......

She then proceeded to take off her diaper (she does this now and then), sat on the potty and PEED!!! I about peed my pants LOL because she just gave me this "I told you so look" and then started peeing while I stared at her with my mouth on the floor. She then stood up and said "done done?" and tried to put the diaper back on. Good thing I got some pull-ups today on a whim-on sale at Target.

She got 1 M&M which she didn't eat (found the remains on the floor) so I better find something else she likes instead. Who knows if this was a fluke or not but I guess I will be starting to sit her more on the potty each day.

Yay for pee-pee in the potty! Its hard to tell from the pic but yes, there is some light colored pee in the potty pic.


Kristin said...

WOOHOO! GO Emma GO! *Doing in the pee pee in the potty dance*

Gavin does so well on his Baby Bjorn potty. We just have the plain ol white one though. He actually sat for 25 minutes after his enema the other day!! COMPLETELY emptied out in the potty. Yaa! Of course he had a movie going on.

Bridgette and Thomas said...

What a clever girl!!! Yippee for Emma.
How about things like-
*blowing bubbles
raspberries. Thomas loves frozen raspberries as a treat!!
*slice of cheese

Keep up the good work Emma and MummyLaura.

PS/ thanks for your tip the other day, re 5 inches, works great!


Amber Schmidt said...

THAT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO Emma! Go Emma! Congrats to both of you! You are a braver woman than I ... I am not even attempting any kind of potty for another few years!

Mindy - The mom said...

Yea EMMA!!! WTG! I soooo wanted to buy that pink potty for Ellie but she just put the little potty insert onto the big potty like Ben and went away. She does have a ladybug one though! Isn't it exciting!!! She really digs the princess pull ups too! Yea for y'all!!!


Amber Schmidt said...

DUDE!! You need to catch up on blogging! LOL