Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Yesterday was a sad, yet exciting afternoon. Ms.Debbie has been with us since April 2007 as Emma's PT gal. And after a visit with Ms.Debbie and Ms.Jenn (Speech Eval)....we no longer qualify for the Infant Program (program for kids with developmental delays). Emma passed her speech eval with flying colors oddly enough. She can say about 50 words and was a little chatterbox during the test. We have to work on the "paci usage" and start doing time-outs with her when she is being bad LOL. Emma has also caught up with her peers for gross and fine motor skills :) When Debbie first met her, Emma couldn't even sit up on her own (9 months) and refused to try any solid foods. Emma also cried non-stop during our weekly sessions so it was draining on her and me. Today, Emma just chatted away with Debbie, looking in her box of toys for her baby doll and having a grand ol time playing with the therapists. I was trying to hold back tears because we have worked so hard with Emma trying to get her to sit-up, to be on her tummy, to eat, to crawl, to cruise, to walk, to color and to jump and its good to know our hard work has finally paid off!!! I feel as I no longer need to say "well she isn't doing xxx yet b/c she was 6 weeks premature". None of those labels apply to us anymore. We have "graduation" in August and unless something else comes up, we have our weeks completely free of therapy! Yay for Emma!


Anonymous said...

Wow Emma- that's pretty impressive!!! Eithene was 4 weeks premature and still is about 5 months behind gross motor -wise. You are a star! :)



Kristin said...

Go Emma GO!!!!!!!

So glad to hear how well she is doing. I'm sure it was a sad moment to see the therapists go when you are so close to them, but also a good moment in that she is doing so well and doesn't need then anymore. :)

Amber Schmidt said...

YAY!!!! Graduation! That rocks! 50 words! Good for her! She has come a long way!

Tracy said...

Yes. I remember when our OT left. I was full of tears myself. I think we form such a bond with their therapists its just sad to see them go. I know Maggie's OT didn't want to go either. We still have speech but is due for another 6 month review and I don't think she'll be needing speech either. I guess its onward and upwards!