Sunday, July 27, 2008

Binky Girls

I got to watch Gabriella on Friday afternoon and she was just a doll! Emma on the other hand.....threw a couple of fits but what else is new lol! They both love their binkys and when one didn't have it in her mouth, the other was trying to find it and couldn't wait to pop it into the empty paci-less mouth. It was just too cute to watch. They play a little better now then they did last month at her party and it was neat to see them interact with each other. They were pooped
out by the end of the day (see pic above) and that is when the cat got brave enough to make an appearance-he hid from the girls most of the day. Smart cat :)


Tracy said...

To cute. I could never get Maggie interested in a pacifier. She only took to one the first few weeks of life then used me as her human pacifier because I nursed her. Even after I stopped she had no interest. She thought they were for chewing on. I guess its one less bad habit I have to break:>)

As for a $400,000 loan holy smokes! That is just awesome.

Oh yes we recieved the box of Babylax and stickers. Maggie enjoyed the stickers of course :>) Thank you so much.

Amber Schmidt said...

Binky city!!! Ky and her paci in the middle of that would have just made for a huge binky party! LOL

Kristin said...

Yaa for binky parties! :) Gavin took a binky for about the first 3 months and then he moved onto his two middle fingers. He is officially hooked to them now. LOL

Emma is growing up so much! She is so precious!!