Sunday, June 1, 2008

What is normal?

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately about "normalcy" and the lack of it once you have a child born with a spectrum of birth defects. What's frustrating about the whole pony show is really there is no end in sight. Maybe I am being cynical here but some of the things our kids will manage for the rest of their lives. Yes, some things will be very "normal" for them and no one will blink. Other things will be different to outsiders, but very "normal" for them. Here are some things that are "normal" for us at the moment......

.......I have babylax in my purse, one in my jewelry box (my emergency spare), a box downstairs, a box upstairs and another box at my MIL's house. Oh yes and my SIL has one too stashed with some of Emma's diapers that she doesn't know about.

......I buy massive amounts of laxatives, online, b/c they are cheaper to buy in bulk. We use about 3 bottles per month, more than most people use I assure you.

.........we have MULTIPLE bottles of KY jelly stored in our house and it's not being used for THAT purpose LOL

........we have solid metal rods in a pretty basket that sits on our kitchen counter that you must stick up her be-hind- these are not something that you want to roast marshmallows on. People, grab the skewers please.

......we have more money invested in diaper creams than wine (or any other alcohol for that matter) and for a fact, we have more variety of diaper creams than our local pharmacy carries.

...... we go to at least 2 docs per month that ends with -ologist or -regon or -ist. Depending on the month, sometimes more, sometimes less. We have yet to have a month go by since she was born that has been "appointment free" nor do I see it coming anytime soon.

.......Emma's medical file(s) take up more room than our last 5 years worth of tax returns.

Bizzaro in most "normal" worlds, but for us, these are things we have come to accept into our lives. What gets us through is knowing that there are other people like us out there that also have some of the same things stashed away in their homes. That's comforting to me and lets me know that I am not alone.

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benjamin67 said...

LOL...We buy pediatric enemas by the case. We sometimes get odd looks in the pharmacy. People in my family often get Christmas and Birthday presents shipped in Enema cases.

Thankfully, we are past the rod stage. But no doubt it will come up in a psychotherapy session in 15 years. We are hopeful that he will blame it on the Aliens.