Sunday, June 1, 2008

What is normal-part 2

Is it normal for you to be riding in your carseat with your dolly-doll and lovies on your head....probably not but you do it anyway!


Kristin said...

I think chicky dee and Gavin have the same carseat! :) The Britax Boulevard, right?

What a cute picture!!! Love it!!

As for normal, like you, I have grown to accept what normal is for us. I assume that Gavin will think it is all normal when he grows older also. My biggest hope is that when we go back to laxatives, it all works out. I think being on laxatives is much more "normal" then having to do enemas, ya know? But, I try (and it doesn't always come easy) to NOT dwell on the future. I try to live in the Now because if I worry about the future, I WILL go into "panic land". LOL

Laura Jenkins said...


We have the same carseat LOL!