Thursday, June 5, 2008

We "thought" it was good news....

So our GI doc just called and said that the barium swallow did look good. There is no stricture but HOWEVER, he said there is some "indentation on the upper part of the esophagus" but very mild. He said he really studied the films and compared them to the ones in 9/07, 1/08 and this recent one and there is a difference from the one taken 9 months ago.

Blah, so at some point in the future, she'll need to go back to the OR for a dilation. Dr.Kobak said for now, she is fine and we won't even repeat the study until December at the earliest and March at the latest. Unless she starts choking a lot or starts vomiting again, he isn't rushing to take her back to the OR. He said to probably plan on it early spring. I trust him on this and he has always been pro "whatever I want" but reassured me that this is something to monitor and not worry about.

Dang it- but what can I do? She is "supposed" to grow out of the dilations eventually, i.e. Dr.Kobak said once she is in grade school, he doesn't suspect the need for any more OR face time (so he hopes). He said the first few years are tough but get better over time. Yeah, like the whole VACTERLS thing is supposed to magically get easier once they hit the age of 2 LOL!

Speaking of the girl, she is trying to wake up from a nap so I better run!

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