Friday, June 20, 2008

Two years ago tonight.....

About this exact time two years ago, my water broke and I went into labor. I remember laying in bed and then getting all ticked off thinking I was peeing myself again until I got to the bathroom and everything came pouring out. I was a little surprised b/c I still had 5 weeks to go, but hey, she was ready and I couldn't wait to be a mommy. I remember how the mood all changed when I got my midwife on the phone and told her the good news and then I added..."it feels like water is gushing out of me". She calmly asked if it got worse when I stood up and of course, it did. Dead silence on the other line. All she said was to leave NOW, don't even pack a bag unless it is ready. No time to get a snack or feed the cat, just get in the car and drive.

Lucky for us, it was 10pm, no body on the road. I remember listening my Third Day CD, listening to my favorite song on that CD (My Offering) and being perfectly calm. I knew I and Emma were in God's hands then and I had nothing to fear. I started to "hypnobirth" myself into another state of being and simply focus on my daughter being born.

Tomorrow (2:55am), she will have been on this earth for 2 years. Tomorrow is her 2nd Birthday party. Tomorrow we celebrate another year that we got to spend with her and watched in amazement of how far she has truly come...,


Kristin said...

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweet Little Emma!!!!

It is absolutely amazing how fast you guys grow up! Hope your party is great today!! Enjoy lots of cake so mommy has tons and tons of poopy to deal with tomorrow. ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Emma! from a mommy of a little girl with VACTERL too! You are doing so well!

Jessica :)

Toni said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Emma!!!! Hope you have a great day!!!

Bridgette and Thomas said...

Happy Birthday Emma Rose!!
Koala kisses and platypus cuddles.
Love from your friend Thomas in Australia!

Amber Schmidt said...

Happy Birthday baby! You have come a long way!! DUDE... I am crying and its not even my kid! LOL

Huge hugs!