Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The office that shall not be named

It's almost like they don't want us to come in :) Yesterday, the butt burn still wasn't gone (and appeared to be spreading) so I called the above office in the title, who called me back and said to add Milk of Magnesia to the mix. Okay, a little strange, but I'll do it. Today, the butt burn looked the same, if not even WORSE. It makes your stomach turn looking at it and its gotta hurt like hell for her. I call the office, AGAIN, got the nurse who I don't really like (long drawn out story there) who said, don't used MOM, get some Maalox, pour into a bowl, skim off the top layer, mix in with triple paste and apply. I told her Emma's bottom was looking really really bad and that perhaps we should come in to make sure there is no infection. No, no no, we see this all the time, blah blah blah, keep changing the diaper, oatmeal bath, open air, ect. They said coming in would do nothing and they would still tell me the same thing. #^$^^^#^% But then I INSISTED that if by Friday morning, if there wasn't any marked improvement, that I was coming in, period, even though they don't do clinic on Friday, which she said was fine, we are always the exception there. WTH? Don't you want to see this horrible rash that the LT is causing my poor baby pain? Now, I could call my pedi who would get us in ASAP, however, I would fear she would pass out seeing this rash and call child protective services on me. Plus, the surgery people probably see this rash more often with colostomy take-downs, ect and probably have a tad more experience. I guess I will be waiting and seeing....I reduced her laxative dosage tonight, gave it to her 3 hours later than normal so hope for the best!

In our diaper cream arsenal, we have the following:

Triple Paste (the actual 1lb JAR)
Petroleum Jelly
Cornstarch Powder
Neosporin with pain relief
Milk of Magnesia
and good ol fashion baby powder

11 things people, ELEVEN different things, not to mention the hundreds of combos you can use to paste on the keister. There are probably some of you out there that haven't even heard of ilex or calmoseptiene and let me tell ya, they are about 10 bucks a pop for a 2oz tube!

What we are using today/tomorrow:
1/4 tube ilex (skin protectant)
1/3 tube neosporin (antibacterial and pain relief)
3 tablespoons of Maalox, cherry flavored
A good helping of triple paste
and cornstarch to thicken things up
-Mix all together in a disposable bowl and apply apply apply

If this doesn't work, I don't know what I am going to do!!


Bridgette and Thomas said...

Have you ever used browned flour? What about 3M Barrier wipes before putting anything else on? Lastly, what about stoma Powder?

Kristin said...

Poor baby!!! I am SOO sorry that you guys are going through this. I went through this TOO many times with Gavin. This is what led us to doing enemas. It looked like a nuclear bomb had gone off on his tush and balls! LOL I REALLY hope her bum gets better! (((HUGS)))

Amber Schmidt said...

I feel your "pain" literally ... Ky is blistered (big gross ones) and I finally called it quits! We had to have a trump card and I think we found one!

Huge hugs to you!