Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Now a happier post

Ok, enough about butt creams and burns and is a movie of Emma helping me unload the groceries Monday. She can't hardly wait for me to finish unloading the car so we can start this fun game. She actually takes the bags that I drop off at the front door and while I am making another trip out to the car, she is dragging bags into the kitchen for me.

I am bad about the bags-I have a ton already and she has seen me throw enough away to know where they go LOL!

Yesterday was picture day at JcPenny.....they always do such a good job considering my kid has never gone in there with a smile on her face until yesterday! Finally finally finally she didn't have a freak out attack right when they start snapping away. I will post them once I get the pics back in two weeks. But this is the dress she wore; I had one from TCP picked out but when I had her in this outfit for Chad's B-Day, I got so many complements on it that I swapped out dresses. She'll wear her pink dress on her B-Day in two weeks. And yes, for non-big Wal-Mart trips, I usually take my trusty green recycle-able bags but I was doing some major shopping on Monday and honestly, forgot to grab the bags. Blame it on the 100 degree heat :)


Kristin said...

Yaaa!! Go green! ;)

That dress is adorable!! And SO is the little girl wearing it, of course. I absolutely LOVED the video, SOOO cute!! What an adorable little helper you have.

Amber Schmidt said...

omg I am so entirely jealous of the pig tails.. I just cannot tell you! LOL Cannot wait to see pics! Uh hmmm... I do assume that you remember the address! ROFL