Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Just please be over!

Blah, you know the day is going to be bad when your kid is "barking" in her crib at 4am 'cause she hears dogs barking outside....well after that she never really did go back to sleep-which is making for a longggggg day.

I had to go to our urgent care facility today b/c I have been having some unexplained right-sided abdominal pain for almost 3 weeks GYN said everything was fine there and told me to go have someone else check the rest of me out (this was last week). Well, after a bunch of blood work and a KUB later (ha-ha), the doc still doesn't know what is causing the pain. Not the kidneys, not the gallbladder, not the appendix, no tumor, no constipation (he asked if I had used any laxatives lately and I was silently laughing to myself that I use them for my kid all the time. There is a possibility that its a very small deep abdominal hernia (which he doubts) or I pulled a abdominal muscle jogging and that would cause severe stabbing pain. Wrote out a script for NSAID (which I didn't get filled) and said if its still there next week, they will do a CT scan to see what is going on. Lovely. Took almost 4 hours and I had Emma, with no nap, screaming most of the time.

Then this afternoon, while I feel like crap, she:

-finds a bag of cat treats on the table, uses her stool to perch up and grab them, proceeds to shake all over the floor while I am using the bathroom.

-takes her shredded cheese I gave her in a bowl, and with my back turned switching the laundry, shakes the cheese all over the living room floor AFTER I had just vacuumed.

-ran upstairs to look for walgreens form for my calmoseptine I needed to reorder, come back down and she had GONE INTO THE TRASH and took out the bag of chips that were reduced to crumbs and had them all over the kitchen floor. Vacuum comes back out.

-3 major meltdowns over dolly and lovey. After the poop explosion this morning, dolly dolls and lovies had bits of poop over them so I decided to wash them all at once. BIG FREAKING MISTAKE b/c she went cuckobananas. Once they were out of the wash, she got to have 1 doll and 1 soaking wet lovie while I dried the other 2. I tried to distract her by putting her in the pool, but she got mad once she was in the water, chucked all the toys out of the pool and I had enough. She proceeded to scream on the floor for about 20 minutes until I stuck in the barney DVD.

Oh, and don't let me forget to say that her horrible rash is back-but it looks like yeast so I will be adding yet another layer of cream to our routine tonight. I have a feeling the barium from Monday is backing her up so we will be getting a KUB for kicks tomorrow to send up to Dr.Levitt for his take on things.

For not napping, she shows no signs of slowing down. I can't put her to bed yet because our 5 sets of sheets are currently in the dryer- the sheet I just put on last night, you guess it, in the dryer too. She has gone through about 5 sets of sheets in less than 10 days. Unbelievable. I should be happy she is having blow outs but seriously, I hate with a passion, putting on sheets for her bed/crib. The $&$*# bumper is still on and it is such a pain to get the mattress out of the crib (and then the cat and kid will try to lay in the middle of the mattress while I attempt to put the sheets on) and then trying to get the mattress back in the crib is a whole ordeal.

I am in a b@tchy mood right now, and it's Chad's Bday, and I didn't go to lunch b/c I felt bad and from the way our house looks right now, you would never tell that our cleaning lady ( a patient) was just here 3 days ago. It never ends around here :) Drinks for everyone today!

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Kristin said...


You SO deserve a drink after that day!!! If we lived closer, I would DEFINITELY be joining you. :)

I hope tomorrow is a better day and that your pain goes away. That just plain out sucks!

Oh yea, and I am really hoping for a clean KUB. That is no fun!