Friday, June 6, 2008

It's been a "crappy" week

My moods are directly related to Emma's pooping pattern. If she is cleaning out every morning and clean the rest of the day, I am a happy camper. If she is not pooping great....well I am about as cranky as they come. I swear that even with the barium out of her system, it is still wrecking havoc with it. Dr.Levitt wanted an xray of her belly today to make sure she did indeed pass all the "special juice" from Monday, which she has. However, her lower part of her colon is full of poop and it isn't going to come out on its own. He wanted me to do an enema today, and if it didn't look so hot, another one tomorrow before re-starting her laxatives. Well the enema DID NOT GOOD WELL today-yeah, poop pieces came out but nothing dramatic so tomorrow morning I'll do it all over again, as well as 2 more saline enemas later on in the day before the LT tomorrow night.

*Sigh* She is pissed that she is backed up AND to top things off, b/c she is backed up and now is pooping constantly, her butt burn will turn your stomach. I have been trying everything on the market, and finally got even more cream today- triple paste. This has worked well, acutally it worked fast! Within 2 hours, 50% of the redness was gone. I slathered her up tonight and hope for the best. I am not expecting poop in the morning since she didn't take any LT today or for the fact that she has eaten 1 lunchable junior, 1/2 of my starbucks iced coffee (caffiene is a laxative people), 1.5 graham crackers and about 4 tiny pieces of a turkey dog, topped off with about 1 tablespoon of cheese. So if you do the math; what goes in=what comes out.....she isn't going to have a lot anyway. She did drink more today than yesterday so it's better than nothing right?

I tend to isolate myself when this is going on- it takes all of my energy to focus on cleaning the kid out that I really have little left to give. I missed taking her to the pool today with her friend b/c I wasn't sure if the poop would stay in her diaper so why risk it? Tomorrow we are supposed to go to the park but if there is no poop, we probably will not be going :( I just learn to accept these things and once we get back on track, we will be fine. She'll have another xray on Monday to make sure she is cleaned out as well as a trip to her local surgeon to get some silvadine butt cream to see if it can help with the burning from the LT.

Well, its 9 and I am wiped out. Better sleep while I can ;)


Anonymous said...

Hang in there. Bowel maintenance is more art than science. Eventually you find the right mix for your kid and then it works like a charm.

For the diaper rash, you might want to try ilex. I swear this stuff is magical. It was the only stuff that worked for Ethan. Apply liberally.

Kristin said...

You will get it figured out girl!! I know that doesn't make it any less frustrating though.

((((BIG hugs)))) and I hope your weekend is going good! :)

Amber Schmidt said...

stupid poop... I promise to goodness it is the bain of my existence!