Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Good day here- breakfast, nap, steak for lunch, pool, playing with daddy, dinner, and BED. Got the rash GONE, still doing 1x babylax/enema combo and she stays CLEAN so her butt can heal-YAY YAY YAY!

Her party is Saturday so we are getting ready for that and Sunday is a mini-party at the pool with her friends in the neighborhood-cupcakes and of course, playing in the pool which she LOVES!

Oh, and my drama yesterday....I go to take out the trash and I hear all this commotion going on down the road....birds going nuts and I know they are after a cat. Sure enough, I round the corner and the birds are dive-bombing the CCC orange cat who has a BIRD IN ITS MOUTH. All I had on me was the empty recycling bag which I proceed to bat the cat with so he will drop the bird. And he then, the CCC 3 other cats were on me, trying to get the bird and now I also have the birds trying to get me! I somehow managed to get the bird in the recycling bag, shoo off the cats and the birds by then left me alone. A few hours later, I finally get a call from the wildlife rehab lady and I happily dropped off the bird at her home down near the beach. It looks like the wing is broken but she is confident the bird will be ok.

Our cat was going nutso b/c I had the bird in a box in our 1/2 bath downstairs and he perched outside this door for about 4 hours-the bird was mighty ticked about being in the box.

Keep in your prayers for our friends in the midwest. Chad and I used to live in Iowa and I worked in Iowa City. It unreal that the road I used to drive on is underwater-we knew it was bad but we saw the photos on the news tonight and it about broke my heart. Our new house is going to be built smack dab in the middle of a floodplain (which is most of VA Beach/Chesapeake) and backs up to a lake. I think I will be calling our agent about flood insurance tomorrow.

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Amber Schmidt said...

OMG Its like Alfred Hitchcock!!! BIRDS!!!!!!! LOL I had to laugh I can so totally SEE you fighting all that off!

So glad that Emma's bum is feeling better!!! YAY!

Huge hugs and many prayers to your friends in Iowa...