Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Good News!

Yeah, she was looking at the "special juice" in the cup, just for her.....

NO STRICTURE!!!! Our upper GI came along with all the usual dramas but Jeff, the PA was amazing as always (this is our 7th or 8th upper GI since birth and he has done every one of them) and we finally got a nurse who LISTEN to my needs before the test-amazing right?
For those of you who read this and have been spared the "TE" part of VACTERLS, you lie your kid down on this table and the lovely machine above will come down and "hover" over your child, taking real-time pictures of your baby swallowing chalky-apple flavored barium. Emma is positioned on her side first and then on her back. To the left of this machine, you can "see" the action happening. Thankfully for us, it's not a full upper GI per se, we just have to get her to swallow enough barium to coat the esophagus, look at the site of the anastamosis to make sure that all looks good and we are DONE. Don't need to follow it down into the tummy or small bowel.
For about a 10 minute test once it's started, it's about $600 that is billed to the insurance company-and we get about 2-3 a year-ugh right?
I will have to call her GI doc tomorrow to get verbal confirmation but thank God we don't have to take her back to the OR anytime soon-we need to catch a break.

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Kristin said...

Yaaa for no stricture!!! You guys definitely need a break from all the medical crap. :)

Gavin HATED when he had an upper GI. He screamed bloody murder the entire time! I think he just hated being held down and the fact that the nurse was jamming a bottle down his throat. Ugh!