Sunday, June 8, 2008

A better weekend

It seems like when Chad goes out of town, all hell breaks loose around here :) I did manage to get Emma cleaned out by Saturday morning-tons of poop just waiting to come out. And today was a poop explosion in the crib so I would say the new laxative dose is working LOL. And no smearing of poop so her butt burn is almost gone. I may not need to get the silvedine afterall but that sounds like something good to keep on hand for emergencies.

Emma spent yesterday afternoon with her cousins and had a blast but I was there too so no break for me. Today, she went back over to her Nana's house (cousins still there) and I got 2 hours of alone time without her. Spent at the pool, trying to even out my tan. It's hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk, and perhaps a side of bacon.

I used to love laying out all afternoon. While I was working in Iowa, I used to get all of my running done, laundry done and put away, worked-out, got the grocery shopping done all on Saturday (I was up by 7 since I woke up at 5am during the week). That way, on Sunday (in the summer), I would sleep in, could go to Panera and drink loads of coffee, read the paper for an hour, come home and go lay by the pool all afternoon. It was so wonderful and relaxing and I read oh so many books. Flash-forward 4 years later: I got up at 6:30, made pancakes, tried to read the paper without my daughter taking pieces from me and going after the cat with them, gulped down my 1 cup of coffee and spent the morning cleaning up poop from the night before. But when I got to the pool, I just couldn't relax. I didn't have Emma to talk to and watch her enjoy the water and after about an hour, I packed up and went home. The laziness has lost its luster and the fact it was about 105 degrees (with the heat index of 110) outside. I came home, took a nice long shower, read another chapter or 2 in my book and went to pick up Emma. I think secretly I miss her when she isn't around-come to think of it, I am going to be sad when she starts going to preschool :( Its like I want the break from her, and when I get it, I am wondering how long is it until I get her back.

Chad is home (gone since Thursday) so I am sticking him on kid duty tonight. Hey, if you get to sleep by yourself, without a baby waking you up at odd hours, then you are so getting up to check on any crying coming out of her room.

I ought to make him change her tomorrow morning but I won't be mean :)


Bridgette and Thomas said...

Hi Laura,
I just wanted to stop by and say Hello and tell you how much I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing photos of your sweet girl.
Enjoy the sun and warmth, I'm terribly jealous as we are cold and wet and very miserable here in Melbourne Australia!
Chilly regards (A Brrrrrrr)

Rebecca Batey Fradin said...

Oh I know just what you mean! Babies! Argh! I spend much of my day wishing and waiting for my little guy to take a nap, then as soon as he's out I'm missing him and wishing he would wake up. I swear it's a spell or something.


Amber Schmidt said...

Yeah I love that B says how CHILLY it is... Its probably still like 60 degrees there! LOL

I know what you mean about babies... I was photographing a newborn the other day and asked the parents ... "Did you ever imagine that you could love someone so much?" They both lit up like a fireplace lights a cold room in the winter...

Huge hugs to you!