Thursday, May 1, 2008

Meet Pungo, quite possibly the world's meanest cat

I don't think I have introduced the cat...his name is Pungo, named after the town down here that has THE BEST BLACKBERRIES EVER-I just thought it was a cool name. We got Pungo almost 4 years ago in Iowa. It was during a tornado warning-we saw a sign on the side of the road "Kittens for Sale" and ended up at this lady's house. She only had 2 left, a black one who was attempting to pry a french fry out of her toddler's hand and this itty bitty orange one who was watching Wheel Of Forturne on the TV.....we just had to have the orange one. Mind you when we asked how the lady had all those horrible scratches on her arm, they were from this little 2.1lb orange kitten. Who knew right? After rushing home to try to outrun the bad weather (and we got in just in the nick of time), Pungo began his new life in our home.

Sure he looks cute and has the longest whiskers I have ever seen on a cat but trust me, he is the meanest cat you'll ever meet. That is all I will say for now....he has never bit or swatted at Emma and so far in her life, she has thrown keys/sippy cups/binkys/balls/heavy toys/random bits of food at him/on him/in his face/on his tail and he has never made a move towards her. I thought the end would come when I caught her putting about a dozen stickers on the cat but even then, he laid there and got "stickered". I think somehow, the cat knows that he'll end up in the wild if he ever made a move for her and he has it pretty darn good here.


Pop-Pop said...

Meow! is suppose to mean i luv u, not
get ready, i'm going to tear u to shreds. Maybe Pungo never learned to speak "cat" correctly. LOL

Amber Schmidt said...

I beg to differ!! Our Catmandoo... was the meanest cat EVER... so Pungo must come in second... Catmandoo was a FOOT biter... and he liked to lay on the rug in front of the kitchen sink so of course he had plenty of opportunity!