Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fun at Chesapeake City Park

Me-Mom and Pop-Pop AND Aunt Amanda came down for the day. The weather was pretty crummy here (cold and that ever so annoying misty rain) so we axed plans going to the beach and wound up at the local park instead. Emma got to play on the swings with my dad and then go on the slide with my mom and sister. "Sliding" is still a new thing for Emma- she got on one Thursday with my friend's kids but I had to hold on to her the whole time. Today she wanted to go on by herself-she must have been trying to show off to everyone. She had a blast sliding and afterwards, we walked around the park (with her shopping cart of course) until it started to rain and then we got outta there. A slight meltdown as we were leaving but she got over it quick (thank goodness for grandmom and auntie in the backseat for distraction)!

Walking up with some help.....
Counting down.......
And she is off! Nothing like sliding down on your back to make you go faster!

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