Saturday, May 3, 2008

Feeding the cats

Two posts in a row about the cats-we live oh-such-an-exciting life LOL!
The neighbor who lives across our court has six cats (yes I know what you all are thinking) but only four of them are indoor/outdoor cats. It just so happens that one of her cats looks very similar to Pungo. We gave this cat a name-the orange cat because all of her cats names are.....KITTY. ALL OF THEM. Very strange indeed but they are nice cats unlike our psycho one and the neighbors are very nice.
Apparently when we trotted off to Cincinnati, the cats went through some sort of withdrawal from not seeing Emma and I everyday and when we got back, they were always in our backyard. Well, just two of them, the orange cat and the "little cat". Ingenious names right? The little cat has stopped climbing under the fence but however, the orange cat thinks he lives here.
Partly why the orange cat never leaves is that one day he came by, meowing at our screen door just as I was giving Pungo a treat (he is good now and then). I figured, I will give the orange cat a treat too, he looks like he needs one. Well, 2 canisters of Whisker Lickins later, we are still feeding the orange cat 2-3x daily when he starts meowing at our door. And this cat never meows for anyone else but us and has the most softest, quietest meow I have ever heard coming from such a large cat. Enjoy the clip of our daughter feeding BOTH cats their treats :)

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