Sunday, May 18, 2008

Been a slower than a turtle week

Nothing major going on this week except for flying poop on Friday afternoon. Emma started having some "smearing" going on and finally I decided I needed to give her a "micro-enema" aka Babylax b/c there was a blob of poop somewhere in there waiting to come out. For the first time ever (and I have done quite a few of these over the course of the past year), poop literally came flying out of her bottom, all over me and all over the carpet. It was a mess but there was a ton of poop just waiting to get out. Ugh-who knows what she ate that caused her to back up but I upped her laxative on Friday night and that seemed to have helped. Except today was a cheese day (cheese for a snack at the park, cheese with lunch and pizza for dinner). I pray to the poop lords tonight b/c this could potentially be a loaded diaper tomorrow am or she will be backed up the wazzoo and I'll have to repeat what I did on Friday. Gotta love the IA thing LOL.
And after all the poopiness, she went down for a nap and I got to see a lovely box turtle roam into our backyard (patio). Who knows how he got in but I took him back to our neighborhood pond instead of waiting for the cats to get him.

Today was fun b/c Aidan, Gabriella and Emma went to the park right up the road from our house this morning. Aidan is 20 months, Gabriella is 18 months and Emma is 23 months. They play together pretty well if you consider it "playing together" at all. They all want to do their own thing but stayed still long enough for Aidan's mom to take some pictures. Emma can finally do the slide by herself but when she does, she goes down feet first on her tummy. Crazy kid!
We also finalized the building plans for our new house today! Scott (Chad's BIL) is going to be building our house (he is going to be like the project manager and subcontract the rest out to his crew) and we nailed down how we wanted the kitchen/bedrooms/porch. It will be a beautiful house with LOTS AND LOTS of storage, which we DO NOT HAVE. Photos to come once they start doing all the fun stuff!


Rebecca Batey Fradin said...

Haha...micro enema. Ain't nothin' micro about it! Poor mom, but yay for getting it out. As awful as it is to clean up such a mess, it's worse to do one of those and get no results at all. :)

Too stinking cute...all of you!

- becca

Amber Schmidt said...

I am ROFL at the micro enema... and the poop lords!