Wednesday, May 28, 2008

3 months post-op!

Has it been that long? Has it been that long since Emma got a million-dollar rear by the best pediatric colorectal surgeon in the world? Has it been that long since Chad and I were puking non-stop in a children's hospital in Ohio, wishing that it would stop so we could care for our daughter? Has it been that long since I have eaten a meal on the bathroom floor so my child would not see me eating? Yes indeedy it is the magical 3 month mark today! Today "officially" can sit however she wants, ride on her toys however she wants and straddle mommy's hip without mommy worrying about stitches coming out.

I blinked and the time flew by. We will see Dr.Levitt in September for a 6 month check to make sure things look good and then after that, who knows! It still floors me that I will never ever ever ever ever have to worry about if her butt was done correctly. Dr.Levitt has no idea how much of a change we saw in Emma once he fixed her up. I can never seem to thank him enough. Seriously folks, she came back from Ohio a totally different girl, minus one less girly part too. It kinda SUCKS being in constant pain for almost a year and not being able to tell anybody that it hurts to poop, hurts to sleep, hurts to sit. After all we went through to get her there, I would do it all over again and again. Happy 3 month post op day Em! Have fun sitting in whateverwhich way your heart desires!


Rebecca Batey Fradin said...

Woo hoo!!!! Congratulations on being off of what we called in our house - butt rest! Yay!!!!! No more butt rest!


Seriously, I had no idea how handy a kid's butt was until we experienced butt rest. No more walkers, no more straddling the hip, no more bouncy chairs, no more jumparoo, no more stroller! ACK! Oh gosh and how my heart would jump every time he'd take an especially hard fall on his rump.

Totally and completely worth it, of course.

Congrats again!

- becca

Kristin said...

That is so awesome to hear how well Emma is doing with her million dollar bottom!! ;) Yaaa!!