Saturday, May 31, 2008


*sigh* We were supposed to go to our patient's (Brenda Doody-sorry if you are reading this) bbq tonight but Chad has a horrible migraine and is laying in bed and Emma is.....well Emma is having all sorts of random tantrums today, the most recent one was over her hat not fitting on her head the right day. Pretty much if she isn't sleeping, she is whiny, cranky and pissed off at the world for some reason or another. Long sob story short, once again we are stuck at home and for once, I am mad that we can't go do something "adult fun" 'cause of our kid, her moods and her very early bedtime. *sigh*

Anyway, during one of her saner moments, she went outside with Daddy to water the plants-right afterwards she had a huge hissy about coming inside but now she is watching Barney and seems to be ok for the moment.

The neighbors cat is also in a funk today-probably 'cause she is wearing a coat of fur and it feels like 95 degrees out!

Tomorrow we are going out to lunch for daddy's b-day and I am hoping that she'll take a good nap and be in a better mood tomorrow. We are going to Surfrider, a local seafood joint around here that had fresh seafood and really good desserts-yumm-0! Tomorrow we will get to do something FUN, hopefully sans drama that seems to be the highlight of the week.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

3 months post-op!

Has it been that long? Has it been that long since Emma got a million-dollar rear by the best pediatric colorectal surgeon in the world? Has it been that long since Chad and I were puking non-stop in a children's hospital in Ohio, wishing that it would stop so we could care for our daughter? Has it been that long since I have eaten a meal on the bathroom floor so my child would not see me eating? Yes indeedy it is the magical 3 month mark today! Today "officially" can sit however she wants, ride on her toys however she wants and straddle mommy's hip without mommy worrying about stitches coming out.

I blinked and the time flew by. We will see Dr.Levitt in September for a 6 month check to make sure things look good and then after that, who knows! It still floors me that I will never ever ever ever ever have to worry about if her butt was done correctly. Dr.Levitt has no idea how much of a change we saw in Emma once he fixed her up. I can never seem to thank him enough. Seriously folks, she came back from Ohio a totally different girl, minus one less girly part too. It kinda SUCKS being in constant pain for almost a year and not being able to tell anybody that it hurts to poop, hurts to sleep, hurts to sit. After all we went through to get her there, I would do it all over again and again. Happy 3 month post op day Em! Have fun sitting in whateverwhich way your heart desires!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our weekend

We had a good Memorial Day weekend. Saturday we went to the Pungo Strawberry Festival (yes, our evil cat is named Pungo) and had some good bbq, strawberries and funnel cakes. Yum-Yum-Yum. Emma wanted to walk (not ride in style) so most of the time we were holding her hand so she could check out everything. We left by 4pm-she was getting hot and cranky so we high-tailed it out of there, strapped her in the stroller where she proceeded to SCREAM at the top of her lungs down the road until we got to the car. And the cops directing traffic decided they were going to look at her to see what the fuss was all about and that just ticked her off even more! I guess she had a good time until the very end-oh and Dolly-Doll went with us too :)
Funnel cakes are YUM-O!
And then came Sunday.....we went up to see my in-laws and nieces who were camping at Cherrystone on Virginia's eastern shore (its the part of Virginia that is on the Del-Mar-VA peninsula) and that day was a freakin' disaster. We risked going sans nap in hopes she would sleep in the car. Nah, that didn't happen. I tried to get her to sleep in the stroller and she screamed Da-Da at the top of her lungs for about 1/2 hour (Da-Da took the kids paddle boating) so then she was tired and pissed off. Finally, we tried to feed her lunch and she threw her plate of hotdogs and cheese on the ground. Then I had enough- off with Da-Da she went in the motorhome to take a nap in the bedroom. She snoozed about an hour until my niece screamed to Nana about Emma sleeping with her stuffed bear. Ugh-kids and their lovies/bears :) We took them all to the pool-that was the only part of the day that no one was whining or crying. A couple more meltdowns from Emma, a quick dinner and then Chad and I had enough for the day.
Pool with Daddy
Oh yes, the cart came with us too.....
Monday was pretty uneventful. I took her to our pool later that afternoon in her crab float that she wouldn't let me stick her in last year and we cooked some chicken and corn for dinner. I like no-drama days.......sometimes we need a break from our little drama queen.

Friday, May 23, 2008

What do you say.....

What do you say when a person asks how old your child is, you tell them, and then they say.......ohhhh, she is so tiny or wow, she is small for her age or my all-time favorite.....really, she is as big as my_____(fill in the blank with 9-month old, 18-month old, pet dog, etc).

I don't know why this bothers me so much. I always feel like I have to apologize for her being small by saying that she was born 6 weeks early or she has a bunch of medical issues or my whole family is small, blah blah blah. I always feel guilty afterwards, and I never have a snappy come back when people say these things and secretly wonder if I am starving my child. Chad told me tonight to say "at least she isn't going to end up fat" b/c most of the people who make these comments are usually overweight LOL. I think when they comment on her size, I think I am going to just simply say thanks and move on without the whole guilt trip thing tagging behind me. I don't get in a huff when people ask me my age, I tell them, and they say "really, you like me teenage daughter" or "are you really that old, you look so young?"

Emma doesn't realize it now, but when she is 16 (and still is "small for her age"), she will be the envy of all her girlfriends because none of them will be a size 00 or be able to borrow any of Emma's clothes. *sigh* I wish I was a 00 LOL!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

@$#%^#$ Barney!

I wouldn't know about the tornado warning that is out b/c BARNEY has been playing nonstop this afternoon on the TV! When I go to switch it back to the weather (and since the sky is black and its HAILING I wanna know what is going on), she throws the tantrum of the tantrums and screams, kicks, takes out her ponytails and whines.....baaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy (aka barney). I just got these DVDS yesterday and she loves them.

Barney......Emma's new best friend. She is now playing on her back, stickering her lovey.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Been a slower than a turtle week

Nothing major going on this week except for flying poop on Friday afternoon. Emma started having some "smearing" going on and finally I decided I needed to give her a "micro-enema" aka Babylax b/c there was a blob of poop somewhere in there waiting to come out. For the first time ever (and I have done quite a few of these over the course of the past year), poop literally came flying out of her bottom, all over me and all over the carpet. It was a mess but there was a ton of poop just waiting to get out. Ugh-who knows what she ate that caused her to back up but I upped her laxative on Friday night and that seemed to have helped. Except today was a cheese day (cheese for a snack at the park, cheese with lunch and pizza for dinner). I pray to the poop lords tonight b/c this could potentially be a loaded diaper tomorrow am or she will be backed up the wazzoo and I'll have to repeat what I did on Friday. Gotta love the IA thing LOL.
And after all the poopiness, she went down for a nap and I got to see a lovely box turtle roam into our backyard (patio). Who knows how he got in but I took him back to our neighborhood pond instead of waiting for the cats to get him.

Today was fun b/c Aidan, Gabriella and Emma went to the park right up the road from our house this morning. Aidan is 20 months, Gabriella is 18 months and Emma is 23 months. They play together pretty well if you consider it "playing together" at all. They all want to do their own thing but stayed still long enough for Aidan's mom to take some pictures. Emma can finally do the slide by herself but when she does, she goes down feet first on her tummy. Crazy kid!
We also finalized the building plans for our new house today! Scott (Chad's BIL) is going to be building our house (he is going to be like the project manager and subcontract the rest out to his crew) and we nailed down how we wanted the kitchen/bedrooms/porch. It will be a beautiful house with LOTS AND LOTS of storage, which we DO NOT HAVE. Photos to come once they start doing all the fun stuff!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers' Day from my potty!

Taken with Daddy's least she is getting the idea LOL!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fun at Chesapeake City Park

Me-Mom and Pop-Pop AND Aunt Amanda came down for the day. The weather was pretty crummy here (cold and that ever so annoying misty rain) so we axed plans going to the beach and wound up at the local park instead. Emma got to play on the swings with my dad and then go on the slide with my mom and sister. "Sliding" is still a new thing for Emma- she got on one Thursday with my friend's kids but I had to hold on to her the whole time. Today she wanted to go on by herself-she must have been trying to show off to everyone. She had a blast sliding and afterwards, we walked around the park (with her shopping cart of course) until it started to rain and then we got outta there. A slight meltdown as we were leaving but she got over it quick (thank goodness for grandmom and auntie in the backseat for distraction)!

Walking up with some help.....
Counting down.......
And she is off! Nothing like sliding down on your back to make you go faster!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

GI update

Monday was our 4 month appt (since the last one) with Dr.Kobak in GI. We saw him in mid-January before our trip to Cincy. I went into the whole drama from our visit with Dr.Kuhn in December (when she wanted to do the redo, AGAIN and stick in a colostomy) on why we went to Cincy, blah blah blah and how I will never ever regret doing what I did. He could tell I was still pretty bitter about how things went down and said you have to do what YOU think is best for your child, no matter what a doctor tells you. And once I showed him her new butt, he was really impressed-he said it was night and day compared to what it was before. I think is silently grateful that he really doesn't have to manage this end. And I told him about the amount of LT she is on (2.5ml) and he said if you have to go up, don't be surprised and since it's plant-based, don't worry about getting "dependent" on it. Pretty much he told me that if Cincy is following up with her, whatever they say goes 'cause they are the butt Gods as we know them. He is happy she is off the Miralax and said don't stress about potty training-it'll happen when it happens.

Now on the GI front. We have been off the Prevacid since December of 2006 (she was 6 months old) and our past upper GI studies have shown no sign of reflux. The last study done in January of 2008 showed no narrowing in her esophagus and no reflux. I was thinking we were off the hook for awhile. WRONGO. He wants another upper GI done early next month to check for reflux and to make sure the esophagus is growing with her body and not stricturing down. She has grown 3 inches and gained 3 lbs since we saw him in January and b/c of this growth sprut, he wants to check. And then we will do another upper GI in December to end the year. If this one looks good and the one in December looks good, we should only have to have this done 2x in 2009 and once in 2010. After that, she'll be 5 and that will pretty much be the end of that test unless she starts gagging/refluxing. We have been having the UGI done 3x a year since birth so you figure Emma would be a pro at this by now......

Can I tell you all how much I HATE HATE this test? It's really quite horrible having to strap you down on a table, in a dark room, with 2 huge machines and making you drink a nasty white liquid while they turn you sideways on a table. The one in January was the worst yet-the nurse should have been shot (I should have stashed a gun in the diaper bag LOL) so this time around, I am having child life there and if I get the same nurse, I am going to politely ask for a new one. The nurse shall be 1-giving out stickers before the test 2-not shoving the bottle/cup in her mouth when I have two good hands to do that 3-not bitch about how tired she is and how she is so far behind ect. Not too much to ask for right?

We go Monday June 2nd at 7:30am, the first one of the day. Lovely start to the week. If there is some narrowing at the site of her inital repair, he might leave it alone and see how the December UGI looks. However, when we were in the same boat last year (UGI 12/06 and then 5/07) there was MAJOR stricturing and they did the dilation under GA in June. It's not a bad procedure but it still an all morning affair with Same Day Surgery and the whole sedation/recovery thing. Blah! I will only think happy thoughts for this :) In retrospect, Dr.Kuhn did an amazing job with the TE/EA repair-we honestly have not had the problems other kids have had (no reflux/tearing/dilations monthly) and her scar is hardly noticable. She did great with that, not so great with the butt thing.

Off to watch the American Idol boot-off! Toodles!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Shop Girl

The grocery cart is a new thing. Two weeks ago I had a reunion of sorts with the people I did research with almost 10 years ago (has it really been that long?) and I needed something to occupy Emma's time at my friend's house. She really loved this cart she has at her Nana's house so I went to Toys-R-Us and got her one.

Took it up to Salisbury with me and I kid you not, she pushed this thing around for about 3.5 hours. It was great and I was able to enjoy some chit-chat without Emma getting into everthing at her SO NOT childproof house LOL. Then went to my parents house up in Baltimore where she played with it some more. Last night, I figured I let her take her cart with her for a walk and so she did with her lovies/stuffed animals in tow. And this morning, well she went to Lowes pushing this cart around the garden center (we were there at 9 so it wasn't too crowded yet). The girl LOVES LOVES LOVES this cart! She places different things in it daily and everything has got to be just right or she dumps everything out and starts all over again.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Feeding the cats

Two posts in a row about the cats-we live oh-such-an-exciting life LOL!
The neighbor who lives across our court has six cats (yes I know what you all are thinking) but only four of them are indoor/outdoor cats. It just so happens that one of her cats looks very similar to Pungo. We gave this cat a name-the orange cat because all of her cats names are.....KITTY. ALL OF THEM. Very strange indeed but they are nice cats unlike our psycho one and the neighbors are very nice.
Apparently when we trotted off to Cincinnati, the cats went through some sort of withdrawal from not seeing Emma and I everyday and when we got back, they were always in our backyard. Well, just two of them, the orange cat and the "little cat". Ingenious names right? The little cat has stopped climbing under the fence but however, the orange cat thinks he lives here.
Partly why the orange cat never leaves is that one day he came by, meowing at our screen door just as I was giving Pungo a treat (he is good now and then). I figured, I will give the orange cat a treat too, he looks like he needs one. Well, 2 canisters of Whisker Lickins later, we are still feeding the orange cat 2-3x daily when he starts meowing at our door. And this cat never meows for anyone else but us and has the most softest, quietest meow I have ever heard coming from such a large cat. Enjoy the clip of our daughter feeding BOTH cats their treats :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Meet Pungo, quite possibly the world's meanest cat

I don't think I have introduced the cat...his name is Pungo, named after the town down here that has THE BEST BLACKBERRIES EVER-I just thought it was a cool name. We got Pungo almost 4 years ago in Iowa. It was during a tornado warning-we saw a sign on the side of the road "Kittens for Sale" and ended up at this lady's house. She only had 2 left, a black one who was attempting to pry a french fry out of her toddler's hand and this itty bitty orange one who was watching Wheel Of Forturne on the TV.....we just had to have the orange one. Mind you when we asked how the lady had all those horrible scratches on her arm, they were from this little 2.1lb orange kitten. Who knew right? After rushing home to try to outrun the bad weather (and we got in just in the nick of time), Pungo began his new life in our home.

Sure he looks cute and has the longest whiskers I have ever seen on a cat but trust me, he is the meanest cat you'll ever meet. That is all I will say for now....he has never bit or swatted at Emma and so far in her life, she has thrown keys/sippy cups/binkys/balls/heavy toys/random bits of food at him/on him/in his face/on his tail and he has never made a move towards her. I thought the end would come when I caught her putting about a dozen stickers on the cat but even then, he laid there and got "stickered". I think somehow, the cat knows that he'll end up in the wild if he ever made a move for her and he has it pretty darn good here.