Thursday, April 17, 2008

Going to B-more

We haven't been to my parents house since Christmas so Emma and I are going home this weekend for some facetime with me-mom and pa-pa and auntie too.
Things have been quiet in a since around here. We got GREAT new from Emma's last Xray of her tummy-Dr.Levitt said her Xray was CLEAN and whatever amount of laxative she was on to keep with it because it looks perfect. Dr.Kuhn saw her Monday (6 weeks post op) and said things look so much better :) I will keep my comments to myself about the whole "colostomy or Cincinnati" thing.....some days I am so bitter about the whole ordeal that it brings me to tears knowing I put my daughter through unimaginable pain for almost a year. I will always, always be forever grateful that Cincinnati came into our lives when they did. The doctors are AMAZING and I can't say thank you enough to all of them who have touched our lives. Next week we will be at our "final dilator" size of a 15 and then we can start to taper down how often we stick her. Emma will see Dr.Kobak in May (GI), Dr.Curry in June (well-check), Dr.Kuhn in July, Dr.Levitt in September and Dr.Lall-Trail (Ophthamology) in November and finally Dr. Proud in December (Genetics). After this year, most of these docs will be down from a 2-3x a year visit to 1x a year! Whoo-woo! They say with VACTERS the first 2 years are the hardest and things then start to level out. Lord willing Chad and I need a break from spending our entire summers in hospitals :)

And we are probably done with Emma's OT/PT. Her last eval showed her just about on par with everything except speech. But within the past 2 weeks, she started gabbering up a storm and I have a feeling that when the speech person comes out here next month, they are going to give me the "crazy mama look". She doesn't repeat words as much as I would like but she is trying her little heart out to talk to us. Swim class ends next week and I am thinking about enrolling her in the Gymboree class in May for some toddler time!

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