Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fun Friday at the pool and beach!

Friday was Emma's last day of swim class with the infant program. We got to go last year (9 months old) where she SCREAMED for the entire 30 minute class. It was horrible to say the least and I dreaded going each week. Nobody could touch her and nobody dared to talk to her because that made her scream louder. She also cried for the entire way back home, which is a good 30 minute drive from Great Neck to Kempsville. Fast-forward 1 year still couldn't touch her during class but at least this time around, other people could at least talk/look at her when she was in the pool. Finally on Friday, Emma let someone ACTUALLY HOLD HER after class was over. Most of the time, there are 6-8 other kids and their moms in the pool so it gets pretty loud and crazy in there. Friday there were only 2 other babies so things were quiet in the pool. Emma actually laughed and smiled a few times. What a difference a year makes!

Afterwards, we went to Mahi-Mahs down at the beach for lunch with Nana and Pappy and then for a fun run on the boardwalk. The weather was perfect-not too sunny and a nice breeze to keep us cool. I promised myself that I would take her to the beach more this year and so far, we have been 4 times and it's not even summer yet :) She was a mad-lovey-running girl on the boardwalk and she had a blast not being in her stroller for a change.


Kristin said...

AWWW! She is so cute!! Glad you guys had a good time! Also SOO glad that I can FINALLY comment on your page. ;)

Kristin and Gavin CP: GavinCannon

Amber Schmidt said...

COMMENTS!!!!! YAY! She is such a doll! I wish we lived closer. I am sure Emma and Ky would be best buds!