Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Comments away!

Geessh, I should have got the comments enabled right from the start LOL......

The girl still is anti-fruit veggies and oddly enough, didn't want any mac and cheese for dinner tonight so it was chix nuggets AGAIN along with some gluten-free corn bread (we were over Nana's house where gluten is a no-no). Tomorrow morning-I am going to sneak in those prunes into her oatmeal and I will be crossing my fingers that she'll go for it :)

It's been a long day-was up late chatting with the other IA moms after chatting with Dr.Breech for an hour. I am so grateful and honored to have had Dr.Breech repair Emma's vagina-if my local doc here would have done it, she would have taken out the entire septum and quite possibly could have damaged both cervixes in the process. I thank God everyday for the skills he has given those surgeons in Cincy-I can't tell people enough about them!

American Idol is on so I am going to find out who is getting the boot tonight-

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