Saturday, March 15, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

After a 3 hour delay at the airport due to fog, we FINALLY made it back home today, 20 days after we left.

It has been an eventful week- Emma started vomtting on Wednesday morning and by Friday, we ended up in the ER all day getting her re-hydrated. It was a monster of a stomach bug and they ended up giving her Zofran to stop the vomiting. That is the anti-nausea drug prescribed typically for chemo patients-it was pretty bad. On top of that, the doctor found that she had an ear infection that was partially causing her to be sick (poor kid)! After a round of antibiotics and 2 IV bolus of fluids later, we were on our way home to back. Emma slept from 1pm on Friday to 6:00am today-she was feeling so lousy and I was so relieved that the drugs enabled her to catch up on her rest. She is on Augmentin until the end of next week to clear up the infection.

The good thing about Friday is Dr.Levitt said everything looked great-dilation went GREAT and we are not due back to Ohio until September for a check-up.

We missed out on going to the aquarium and children's museum but hopefully we will hit those places next time.

Blah, I feel sick now so I am going to bed!

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