Friday, March 21, 2008

the crazy birds

Oh yeah-we have a pair of birds living in the Easter wreath on our front door. My mom made it for us last year and we didn't have any residents until this week. The other day, I thought I heard pecking on our front door. Then I just dismissed it as too little sleep and I was hearing things. Yesterday though, I heard the knocking again and I look out the peep hole and sure enough, some big 'ol bird is staring back at me with nesting material in its beak.

And he/she kept flying back and forth from the door to the woods, bringing stuff back. And then another bird flew up, the other half, and started to peck on the door. Fun times right? I looked up the bird and it's a Carolina Wren:
The cat is going nuts because the birds and flying back and forth and he is perched up on the couch just looking out the window waiting.....

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