Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Could the virus really be gone?

Ugh-she puked 2x on Sunday (one all over and in her favorite toddler play table toy that will end up in the garbage) and once yesterday all over our living room floor but today....NO PUKE! It's been over 24 hours since her last episode and we haven't gone that long yet since being off the anti-puking meds.

Yikes- I was beginning to think she has something really wrong with her (mind going crazy with ideas) but it is just a really really nasty virus that I don't want to see again anytime soon. I Lysoled our entire house to kill the little buggers so now our house smells like the hospital but at least it is clean :)

It's been challenging for us since Emma and I have been home. She gets frustrated pretty easily and when she doesn't get her way or we don't understand WHAT she wants, it's tantrum city. She also has started hitting herself on the forehead when she gets like this which is disturbing to us. She has her group PT class on Thursday so I will ask one of them what is going on with her. The hospital social worker said it will be a "transition" from the hospital to home and once her normal routine is back into place, things will calm down. She's like a time bomb now so I am hoping this transition thing happens sooner than later.

I will upload some pictures tomorrow but now it's time to put the sleeping girl to bed-she missed a nap today and she is finally snoozing her on the floor-

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