Friday, February 29, 2008

Sorry for the delay!

Emma got out of surgery around 2:00pm yesterday and it went great! Dr. Breech removed a large amount of the septum dividing the vagina and informed us that she has 2 cervixes and 2 hemi-uteri, which is not uncommon with girls born with anorectal malformations. We have nothing to worry about now until she hits puberty and then she'll undergo another round of testing here.
Dr. Levitt then began his part of the surgery. It was sadly a real mess down there. Her anus was about a size 6 hegar and needs to be a 16. This is the link to show you what we use to "dilate" her with. The 2nd rod from the left is a 5/6. She is now the 2nd to last size, a 15/16. It is jaw dropping to imagine she was able to poop at all. That is how bad the scar tissue was. We also found out that the rectum was never completely separated from her vagina, which caused it to migrate north each time. Bottom line is she had 2 surgeries prior that were not done 100% correctly. Dr. Levitt said he almost had to go through her abdomen to access the rectum, something you would do for people born with a cloaca.
I have some mixed feelings towards our home surgeon-the damage that was done almost caused Emma to lose all chances of having bowel control and caused irreversible psychological damage, not to mention PAIN over the course of the past 18 months. People want us to sue for damages; we are planning to put the whole thing behind us and move on. Dr. Levitt will handle Emma's care from here on out. We have no reason to go back to Dr. Kuhn expect for an emergency. Dr. Levitt can manage things from here with periodic updates, xrays and pictures.

Emma is doing FANTASTIC today-she is on a very low dose of morphine and is sleeping now. She was standing up in her crib earlier just talking away and trying to pull out the 6 or so tubes she's got running into right now. Once the narcotics are gone, the 3 leads, the pulse ox, the extra IV line, the blood pressure cuff and the heart rate monitor will be gone. She'll have her PICC line with the TPN going through that until discharge and she'll have her catheter for a few more days.

Well, I better go get ready for bed and sleep while I can. Rounds begin at 6am and I want to be awake for them to ask some questions!

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