Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Umm do you think she should be playing with that?

I am in the shower and Emma escapes from our bathroom. Chad was upstairs and the baby gate was closed so I yell from the shower to make sure he is watching her. Turn off water, wait for reply. Clean and dressed, Emma waltzes into our bedroom with an empty square candy tin (no lid) and she is having a ball shaking it up and down because it's making noise- like the sound of coins in a metal can noise. I take the can from her and in it are 3 pennies! PENNIES?! Are you out of your mind daddy?!!!?? She not only can choke on them, but her anus isn't big enough to pass the penny through!!!! The LAST thing we need is a penny impacted in my daughter's colon a month out from surgery. Daddy replaces the pennies with big square plastic paper clips-I guess this was a better alternative but come on, she has other things to play with!

Good news from Dr.Kobak-esophagus DOES NOT LOOK STRICTURED! Yippee!!!! We have a follow up appointment in May but for now, no surgical dilation. He also said it didn't look like there was any reflux present either so she continues to be reflux medicine free. Obviously if she starts puking/burping a lot/choking on a daily basis, we'll have to do another upper GI but I am relieved that something is going right for her this year.

We also had our quartly evaluation with our infant program-Emma still qualifies for services because some of her gross/fine motor skills still aren't up to par. Her hand stuff is only at a 13-14 month old level. Since she only crawled for about 3 months, she doesn't like holding/grasping a lot in her hands, like crayons, spoons,blocks and this is part of the late crawling start and lack of it. We will have to work on the texture thing some more with her. She also doesn't imatate sounds or point to things in a book and tell me what it is. Our classes will work on that so next Thursday, we are back to 1x a week down at the beach doing our OT work :) It really helped this past fall and got her walking earlier and eating better. And best of all, it's FREE through the city of Virginia Beach. Love it!!!!

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