Monday, January 28, 2008

All in all, not a bad Monday

We got off to a great start today. Our annual upper GI was today. Out of the house by 6:45 am, at CHKD by 7:30, first one to sign in and then....we waited. 8:30 came and went and I asked when was she going to be taken back for the upper gi. 8:45-finally but wait.....more waiting this time outside the room the test was going to be done. 9:15 they call us in and the nurse tells me to put Emma on the table so we can get started because they are a little behind. Okay...but are you ready to start? She said yes, the doc is in the next room. Emma on the table, 5 minutes later, Emma hysterical, (the nurse was out of the room by then), no doc and now I am ticked. I picked Emma up and she came back in to ask why I was holding her. Well DUH obviously you weren't ready, she is upset and now we might have to reschedule if she doesn't calm down. Finally, the doc comes in and I ask AGAIN, are you ready? I want to see the barium flavored juice in the sippy cup and the Xray machine turned on. Once I saw all of this done to my satisfaction, then I laid Emma back down (they strap you to a board) and the test began. And she screamed, and puked, and choked and would not take the cup. Barium is all of me, all in Emma's hair and I am silently begging to her to please, please just take 1 or 2 really good sips so we can see if your esophagus is getting smaller. 35 minutes later, we are done and then it was off to see Dr.Kuhn and proceded to wait some more. We didn't get home until after 11am so our morning was gone.

Good news, it's not, well at least from what I can tell and the radiology tech in the room reading it as the test is going on. I will have to call Dr.Kobak tomorrow to make sure that everything looks okay. If there is some narrowing and depending on how much, he'll either wait and do this again next year or we'll be in the OR doing an dilation later on in the spring.

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